project 8 week 3

Ever wanted to challenge your friends and enemies in a trivia game?
Trivia Crack is the perfect game, it is available online and on the phone. Trivia Crack may be found in the itunes app store and google play. Trivia Crack is available in over 20 different languages!!



Objective of the game

The game’s objective is to obtain all six characters on the wheel. Each character represents one of the question categories: Art, Science, Sports, Entertainment, Geography and History. The first player to obtain all six characters will be the winner of the game. Each game will have a maximum of 25 rounds.
You spin the wheel in the beginning of each round to answer questions from the category you had landed on. If you plan on the CROWN symbol, you will need to answer one question and you will win 1 character. When you get four questions correct in a row, you will win a character or you can steal one of your opponent in a challenge. When the player has all six characters, the player wins the game and the game is over.

Everyone will answer the same questions in a limited time (30 seconds).

Learning Elements
The learning experience the game is attempting to create, for the player is engaging. Trivia crack makes answering educational questions fun and competitive. The game teaches players to test their knowledge as they answer questions of different categories. In the end the player is able to see which subject is their weakness in answering questions about. This game is great for students to use in a classroom
Dramatic Elements
The motivation of this game is to answer as many questions correct in a row in order to win a character. Once you have all 6 characters you win the game. What makes it more motivated and engaging is the player gets to steal their opponent character if they choose too, by answering five questions in a row correct. The relationship the player has with the game is competitive.
Some challenges that may occur is having hard time answering the question that you were given. Another challenge is running out of time while answering the question and receiving a character may be challenging or even maintaining your character before your opponent steal from you.

Completeness & Functionality

Trivia Crack is functional and complete. There is no voice being presented in this game.

Fun & Accessibility

Trivia Crack is a very engaging and competitive game. I believe it may be little addicting. The reason why is because as a player, you may be so focus on trying to get all six characters by getting four questions in a row correct. Especially, if you’re competing against a friend or enemy, you will be looking foward in stealing your opponent character. This a game that you can play against a friend, enemy, or even a random person. While playing this game you’re testing your knowledge. Your testing what you know and do not know.

The choices that are meaningful is when you are given the choice to choose what kind of question you would like to answer, Weather History,Science, Geography, Art, or Sports . It is always good to choose the one you are good at, questions may vary as you spin the wheel.

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