FA16-Project6 Week 1


My name is Tisha. I played the game  called  Young Meteorologist Program.  It teaches its players what to do in severe weather conditions such as hurricanes and floods. I found this game to be very easy to play as it is geared towards a younger group of players. There wasn’t anything that really challenged me mentally while playing this game. I found it to be informative because  it did provide information relating to  severe climate conditions that I wasn’t aware of prior to playing such as lightning can strike the same  place twice. Additionally,  when you see lightening  every 5 seconds that past mean  it’s 1 mile away. For example after 10 seconds has elapsed   the lightening is 2 miles away from you, 15 seconds equals 3 miles away etc. Although this game is not geared towards a mature crowd it did provide  good tips and information that can be helpful to all.

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