Fa16-project11 week 1

  1. imageThis was my first time playing this game. I played it twice. Second time I actually won the presidency! It was pretty hard, because I was still getting to know the game, and to choose the right choices in order to get ahead of my opponent. Some parts of the game were easy to navigate, with the help of the tutorial. Having a little knowledge of the states that were democrat (the party I chose), helped put me at an advantage when polling and making appearances in the game. The main purpose of this game is to campaign across America, and do whatever it takes to become president. Fundraising, polling, appearances, and media coverages are all the things  that help you win the game. As long as the player thinks critically, then he/she can win. They even let you design your own campaign slogan, poster, and tour is. Pretty awesome. Overall great game!
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