FA16-Project 19 Week 16

I believe that there should be more studies that teach teenagers how to cope with stress in a positive way. Not to say that there aren’t any out there, but there should be more affective. With my study I wanted to create something that will help teens and adults to cope with their stress. When your brain is stuck in negative space it’s hard to be creative, but being creative is also a good stress reliever. Being creative helps your brain relax. Creativity comes in many different forms whether its drawing, writing, pottery, etc. Whatever you create doesn’t even have to be perfect, just a way to release your emotions. I predict that my study will help people reduce their stress through creativity. This way it creates alternate outlets people can have when they have no one to talk to. Though it may not completely take their stress away it is something temporary to give them a piece of mind when they are having a tough time. Based on the data it see like my simulation did help people deal with stress in a positive way. The experimental group seemed to have felt more relaxed after playing my game and the control group still felt stressed. In order to know if my game was truly affective I would need to experiment on a bigger level. According to the data, I collected 9/12 people in the experimental group had felt like they were significantly relaxed after using the simulation and 3/12 felt no change. In the control group, all of the people felt no change and said they experience the same amount of stress.

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I'm an Assistant Professor of Behavioral Sciences at City University of New York, with joint appointments in Neuroscience and Cognitive Neuroscience. I also have an appointment as a Visiting Scholar at New York University. My research interests include cognitive neuroscience, functional magnetic resonance imaging, glaucoma, neurodegenerative disorders, attention, learning, memory, educational technology, pedagogy, and developing games for education.

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