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FA16-Project16 Week 1

My name is Candace Ramroop and the game that I critically reviewed was Zombies, Run created by Six to Start. The goal of this game is to help make the player more active, by creating a new environment (a zombie apocalypse) where the player thinks he or she is running from a zombie which makes running more fun and enjoyable. This game is trying to create a new exercise experience for those who find exercising dull and boring, so this is essentially a fitness app with a new and slightly terrifying twist. It is important that the player has a mobile smartphone, because the smartphone helps track the number of steps the player takes  like a pedometer. The premise of this story is the player trying to survive and not be eaten by zombies, they are trying to survive a zombie apocalypse by ensuring their base is well secure and they are avoiding zombies at all costs. The conflict between the players and the zombies are introduced through a series of alarming noises that are meant to get your attention and temporarily scare you so you could accomplish the task. The conflict stems from the zombies’ craving of human flesh so they go after the humans and in order to escape these zombies the player must maintain the pace of their running or increase the pace of their running.

The main character is the person playing the game in this case it is me, my motivation was to make sure I was not a victim of the zombie apocalypse and to ensure my own safety by surviving the zombie apocalypse. The zombies and the player are essentially enemies and it is the player’s job to run away from them or when it is necessary to kill them with ammo obtained.This conflict is resolved by a sufficient amount of space between the player and the zombie.  The player is interacting with this game by using his or her body and the ultimate controller by taking more steps, the farther away you are from the zombie the greater your chance at surviving. This supports the learning objective because the player is forced to take more steps and run away from the zombies therefore he or she gets a daily dose of exercise while interacting with this fun game.This game prevents players from dealing with the harmful effects of video games while engaging in a game that has some actual benefits both mentally and physical. After I did a mission I was in a better mood and had more energy throughout the day.  From what I have read this game consists of over 3 million players all over the world, the one downfall with this game is that players do not interact, it is strictly a one player game and the more missions you complete the more supplies you get for yourself. In my opinion, to get more people involved, it would be a better game if players were able to compete with each other and help other get resources. A Co –Op mode in this game is greatly needed, a mode where you can pair up with another person(s) and encourage others to go outside and they could bring their friends. I just believe this game would reach a lot more people with this method.

The primary objective of this game is to be more active, it is a unique game because it does not require one to sit on their butt all day with a controller in their hand and lose brain cells. It requires fresh air from outside and your legs, the more you run the more perks and rewards are earned. The rules of this game include just to run from the zombies, when you put your headphones in and you hear the zombies, that means you are not running a sufficient pace, so therefore you must go faster. This game consists of different missions and once completed a variety of rewards are earned to help build and campsite or farm because after all this game does take place at the time of a zombie apocalypse. This game does not end, there are a lot of missions, but the missions get more and more challenging as the game progresses. However, as the game progresses the player might see a change in his or her body because he or she has been very active throughout the duration of the game. This game uses emergent narrative. This game is not authored by a single person or by any person really. Some objects that are obtained throughout the game include food, ammo and other necessary items to help secure a base. This game also exists as an economy where it deteriorates over time which means the place is run rapid with walkers and requires the player to work harder to get away from them.

This game is not balanced, I say this because sometimes I feel I was intended to lose. I feel as though the game has the upper hand but in the game’s defense I have felt like this for most of the video games I have played in the past, no game is specifically designed so the player could win. If the player always won that would be a very boring game. Even in a game of chess one player goes first, therefore giving him or her the upper hand. Lastly, this game is not at all boring, it is slightly addictive and motivates you to the extreme, I am very glad I chose this game because I believe I have found a game that has benefited my physical and mental health.