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Game Elements:

The title of the game I played is called Dumb Ways To Die., developed by McCann. The URL of where the game can be found is: .

Learning Objective:

The learning objective of this game is to teach, remind, and promote safety in a person’s day to day activities especially while in the vicinity of a train and/or train platform. The processes that are most affected by the game design are the cognitive and behavioral processes. The game does so because it relies on quick thinking which pertains to the player’s cognitive process and behavioral depending on the decisions the player makes in the game.

In the game, there is one player who is the main character and there are many other characters within the game. The main character changes for majority of the different activities/obstacles. The primary objective of the game is to complete an activity/obstacle as quickly as you can by following the instructions you are presented with at the beginning of each activity. If not, you will die. The activities vary and in order to travel to different locations (worlds) in the game the player has to get on a train where they’re presented with an activity pertaining to train safety. There aren’t any rules in the game, just instructions. The points that are acquired during the game add up to tokens which allow the player to shop for things such as entrance into the world “Dumbest of the Dumb”. There the player can complete an activity to unlock new characters. After three times dying the game ends.

The game is extremely engaging and fun. It is a very playful game that is simple to understand and learn.