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Week 16 Project 20

Here are the final project and poster for my experiment that I conducted.  Conducting the experiment on over 30 candidates increased the amount of data collected.  I received positive feedback from the participants and bystanders.  Accumulating my data I have incorporated this into my excel graph and chart.  Finding out that a game can enforce extrovert behavior in introvert students is a good accomplishment.  Some students do not have the ability to express themselves through participation in class because some may contain fear of having the wrong answers.  Letting these students participate in this game allowed them to express themselves and conduct participation among their peers.  Allowing them to do this, they adapted extroverted behaviors in which they did not have before.  Eliminating social anxiety, and introverted behaviors in students will promote excellence and the ability to answer questions in their classroom without the fear of being incorrect.




Project 20 Week 15

I have to start my project presentation and include the power point presentation.  I need to adjust the slides in order to ensure that all my points are met and are straightforward.  I recently bought the trifold poster board and need to start working on my project this week.  I will make some time to do so because finals are about to be here and studying is definitely required for that.  I hope everyone’s projects are going good and their power point presentation does not take them long to make.

Project 20 Week 14

I have collected some more data for my project but I just need to create the poster board.  15 subjects were randomly chosen to be apart of this experiment and placebo.  The conditions and rules were introduced to the experimental group and the placebo group were given the game and directed to play it without any information on the rules.  The social interaction between the two groups shocked me because the placebo group had more social interactions than the experimental group.  Both groups were having fun nonetheless but much more communication from the placebo group.  This week I will attempt to finish up the tutorials and start my poster board project.

Project 20 Week 12

12 people participated in this experiment.  15 people were interested in this game.  This game has come a long way but I understand putting more questions in made the game more fun.  I also received feedback from the contestants to put more questions in so that way they have a better chance of getting point to win.  These kids were all grateful for participating and I gave them all jolly ranchers as a reward for participating but of course I did not tell them that they would receive jolly ranchers if they participated.  That would mean they only played the game for the candy so I rewarded them with candy afterwards.

Project 20 Week 11

I have the beta of the game tested and it went quite well again.  No new improvements has been made because I have received good feedback so far.  However, I am still thinking on how I can make this game even more fun.  it will take some time because I am thinking about every possible angle but so far I am not able to proceed with a valid improvement.  I added more questions to give the contestants more opportunities of trying to gain more points in order to win.

Project 20 Week 10

Noticing how quite entertaining this game has evolved by adding a few more questions is impressive.  The players were intrigued by the game.  They became fascinated by trying to roll the highest number on the dice to achieve an opportunity of answering a question to gain that amount of points to their overall score.  This is needed to win the game in the long run.  This game has evolved impressively and the contestants were truly astonished by the amount of fun they had with the game.

Project 20 Week 8

I have added the finishing touches on my project and it is fully complete.  I am having somewhat difficulties downloading Unity.  I will try to establish a method of resolving this issue.  Afterwards I will be completing week 7 tutorial and week 8 tutorial.  Unfortunately I will submit late but it’s better than never.  I just need some more time to install it on my desktop and complete the tutorials in order to catch up with the coding.

Project 20 Week 6



  • Subjects
    A-Population of interest children that are in the grade levels of 1st

    B- The way the samples were recruited is half the class at random is picked to participate in a game and the other half are not participating in the game. This is to acquire knowledge on the game if the game assists with improving self-confidence and improving participation.

    C- The Conditions that will be involved will be the experimental and control group.
    The control Group – will be the leftover from the randomly assigned experimental group.  This group will not be participating in the game because we want to see if this group differs in a way that self-confidence and participation will occur by self or it will occur by playing a game.
    The experimental Group- this group will be randomly assigned to students who will be participating in a game.
    These groups were assigned at random and the other half will be applicable to the other group.  This is done at random to initiate and prove that nothing was fixed or that this is a hoax.

    D- The only groups that were included are the experimental group and control group.  There are NO known criteria to determine if a subject is eligible for this study.  The reason is because I want this study to be purely at random to prove that this will instill self-confidence or it will be learned by the person at their own experiences they have encountered in their lifetime.

    E- The people are children that will be participating in the game.

    F- The average age of children that participated in this game were 6 years.  They were not paid with currency but paid in rewards to a point where just participating were enough of a reward for them.

  • Apparatus
    A- In this experiment A TV screen, video of a good TV program that is educational and animation wise.
    – a child will be asked to perform actions that a character did in the program that was presented to the experimental group.
    B- An interaction that a character did, the child must perform and replicate the action of the character.
    C- An interaction that was presented in the program.
    D- the responses would be “YAY” or “NAY” by the other classmates that were also introduced to the program.
    E- A TV with speakers to make ensure that the classmates introduced to the stimuli can hear the characters in the program.
  • A- Classmates that were introduced to the performance of the program and classmates that were not introduced to the program.
    B- The subjects in the experimental that were introduced to the program and the control that were not introduced to the program.
    C- Explaining in the beginning to the experimental group that they will be asked to participate in an interaction of “sharade” of a character that was picked from watching the program.
    D- By measuring the accuracy of how many classmates in the experimental group answered correctly and how many answered incorrectly. To encourage classroom participation is the key here.