Space_Angled_Lines_Wallpaper_by_derekfreedesignPSY 200 is a foundations course in Game-based learning at York College of The City University of New York.


Students will learn how to (1) access and critically review the primary literature; (2) identify gaps in the literature and respond by creating a design-based pedagogy that addresses a specific need; (3) use the principles of behavioral psychology and game-based learning to shape behaviors in a target population; (4) rapidly develop and iterate research ideas using prototypes according to principals of design-based research; (5) collect data to inform prototype designs; (6) analyze pilot data using advanced statistics; and (7) disseminate research products via web portals and conference presentations.


This course provides multiple opportunities for students to learn core concepts in Game-Based Learning, Design-Based Research, and the Learning Sciences. The course is designed to improve retention and transference of core concepts through varied exposure. Students are also given opportunities to practice authentic research skills. Original research opportunities and research-like experiences are infused into course assignments to promote critical thinking and creative scholarship.


Robert O. Duncan, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Behavioral Sciences
York College and the Graduate Center, The City University of New York


CUNY Advance Startup Grant