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week 4

Game Topic

I am studying sleep hygiene, and how sleep or the lack of sleep affects inner city- college students mentally and socially; and the lack of the knowledge of a understanding of good hygiene.

Socially Relevant

My study is socially relevant because students really lack the foundations they need to be successful in school but having bad sleep hygiene. With my game I plan to teach students how the poor sleep truly affect them more than they think, and also go to fix them so they can be successful in college.


If good sleep hygiene is taught in the game then there would be a positive correlation of overall performance in students compared to the student that were not taught about good sleep hygiene. sleep

week 3

Game of the week: Win White House

Learning Element

The element of learning in this game, is finding out how the electoral college works. The game teaches how  presidential candidates get elected. The game starts off as you are picking what party that you want to be republican or democrat, and then you select topics that are your main talking points.  The player learns that they is a lot of fundraising and battling for big states like California Texas New York and Florida.

System Dynamic

The game is like a board game in where they two party take turns and they have to battle for states using four different options, fundraising polls, visits and ads. Using these four tools you are able to win and lose different states. In the game there is an economy and that dollar points. With the dollars points you could make ads and take polls to find out what the state’s key point is.

Fun and Accessibility

The game is honestly hard to learn how to play. I was lost in the first round. The game is not that fun because it is extreme repetitive, and it gets boring after a while doing the same thing over and over again. The fact that is really repetitive is a fun killer.

I would rate the game 5 of 10.

Project 1 -Week 1

Critical Game Study #1

The game that I selected for the study was “Longstory. Longstory is episodic adventure and dating sim developed by Bloom Digital Media. The found could be founded on the following link The game is playable on Android and IOS devices.

Longstory is simulation game so it has the ability to learn many things that teens deal with like relationships and bullying. The way that the game teaches you about the real world, it gives you three options that impact the relationships with the IA players. The game is meant to teach you have many ways how to intact with people it focuses on the social and behavior processes by this.

Longstory is a single player game with four different episodes to play.  The way to unlock the other three episodes is to buy them. There are other ten other computer players in the game with you, that you intact with.  Some players like  are your friends Colin  Abby and Marcel are there to support you but you need to be careful what you say to them to maintain a friendship just like in the real world.

This is where we to get the objective to the game we learn what to say and what not to say in different scenarios.

The game’s controls are simple, you have the option to first make your player a boy or a girl and you get to name them. You also have the power to mute the game, which I did when I was listening to music. The game gives you option to say things to other players and you press the screen twice; which I really like if you want to change what you want to say to the other player. You can also press the screen to fast forward dialect.

In the game you do not have a resources that you accrued. There is conflict in the game because it is a teen life simulation game the bullies which the main character, Hanniferjane.

Lets go more in-depth on our main character, you are the main you right down your name and you press if you were a boy or a girl. The player is a transfer student and you get to your highschool and the first people you meet are the bullies. After we intact with them , you get to your locker 1224 and you see notes inside. The notes say that “I’m in love with you” and that “you better watch your back”. The goal in the first episode is to solve these mysteries.

The story breaches out because it is a simulation game so everything you say has impact in in the story line.  The Dramatic arc is the same as a normal high school life you have your bullies and teen life to challenge everyday.

The game is filled with player choice because again it is a simulation game so everything you say to the players impacts everything that the other players do and day.

Overall the game is really fun and I will play it beyond the classroom. It teaches me how to react when I am talking to different people and trying to develop friendships and partner them. The game does good job at giving you different options to say to other people. The game I would rate it as 8 out 10 because you need to pay to finish the story.