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FA16-Project3 week 16

This is it, the final week. My game is fully finished and glad that I could help so many students. The images above compare level one to level ten. the begging level till the end but its not about how fast you get to each level its about how well you do on each individual level. This all based on time and how you can compare your time to another players to see who’s better.

FA16-Project3 week 15






This is a level one version of my game. Brain Span a “take anywhere you go” kind of car game. As I stated before my conclusion which allowed students to memorized easier the information they gathered. My pie chart indicates the amount of students who increased their test scores by playing my game. My game has 10 different levels for now which will allow me to time every person and as they continue to play the game they get quicker at solving the memory problems. This proves a continuous cognitive improvement when taking part in my game. It not only improves mental and cognitive memory but additionally helps the individual handle daily tasks more efficiently.








images-2WEEK 13; This week I couldn’t really add as much because my game has mostly stayed the same for the past week now. I feel like am running out of ideas of what to put in the game. But hope fully right before the end of the semester I can add more new things.


memorychallenge_300x200This weeks media poster i chose is a great interpretation of the game i am creating. When i look at this picture i see how people might think of this game. I will highly consider making this my back round in my game. I hope it will fill the curiosity of what certain people might think of my game. We have covered so much ground already, we are already up to week 11 which makes me think that times flies.


We are approaching week 10 and everything seems to be falling into place and at this point we are almost done. I feel the feedback I am getting is good feed back. Out of the 20 people playing this game about 12 of them actually feel the challenge of actually remembering things. Which is good for me because that’s the whole purpose of my study and game production.


img_4983This week we were comparing our notes from when we started and where we are now and its good because I can actually see the progress I’ve made in the game. plus throughout the weeks I have been getting new ideas and have been trying to incorporate them in the game to the best of my ability. hopefully it will all come together.

FA16-Project3 week 8

Sad-faceThis week was our pre alpha play test. I explained what was expected from each subject in my study and how I collect my data. Everything I collect is mostly a rough draft of my data so far. hopefully by the end of October I will have a better over view of my game and more data from my group of subjects.


This week we are in week 7.  We were asked to answer questions about the game we are making. These question really opened my eyes to what things I might be missing in my game. Hopfully by next week I will be able to answer the questions I second guessed my self on. But really its been good so far. thanks for reading


This week we are speaking about our methods section of our research project. I made my stand point more clear this week by adding more details. I explained the material I will be using such examples like pictures and reading material for my students. From here I can more elaborate on what these students can or cannot remember. More or less I feel like I’m making more progress as the weeks go on. spil_1-jpg-crop_display_0