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FA16-Project 8 – Week 1

I played the game called Plague Inc. which was created by Ndemic creations. The game is a simulation game that allows a player to develop a pathogen and further evolve it to wipe out the human population before a cure is developed. The game teaches players how a plague can be spread and how it can evolve making it more deadly as time passes. The game overall was not easy to play because in order to figure out the game you may need to fail a couple of times. In Bartle’s Taxonomy the type of player that would enjoy this game is achievers due to it having multiple levels and different difficulties. The game uses a system where you gain DNA which is used to evolve the plague the way you want to. You can evolve how fast it spreads, symptoms people have, and its abilities. You get DNA by clicking on the DNA symbol pop ups. As the pathogen spreads throughout the world countries try to develop a disease and you get alerts on it progress. In order to avoid the cure being made quick you have to click on the popup that looks like the cure symbol to stop the process. The game gives you a progress bar which tells you how many people are infected and how many deaths there is. The game was a great experience I learned how a disease can spread and how the world reacts to an upcoming plague.