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Project 12 – Week 9



Today i was faced with the same questions that were presented to me in the previous week with my game. All though The answers to the questions are still the same i have added a new twist to the game to make it even more challenging for people. Instead of the guesser just having to face distractions from the other team, the guesser will have to be doing another activity. For example some activity’s that i have is for the guesser is to solve math problems, dribble a basketball, catching a ball, and etc. Not only will this make the game even more difficult it will make the game much more fun for players to play. My previous game was very simple and it was proven to be true in class on Wednesday. But i think that this twist to the game will make it more challenging and more appealing.

Project 12 – Week 8


The title of my game is “How long can you pay attention”?


For my game i used 10 subjects 5 on each team. It was a male vs female competition game. The way that they were recruited was i gave each one of them a $10 amazon gift card. The inclusion criteria that i used were that they had to be college freshman that were psychology majors. The conditions were that they had to be physically capable of performing acts. The subject’s demography was varied. some were Spanish, Haitians, Muslims, and Christian. The materials that i used were pen, iPad, Score counter app, and also a computer. The game was presented to both teams on Saturday at a open gym Responses were measured by me. The conditions that i created were i made both teams play one game with distractions. Then i allowed them to play one game without distractions. Then i allowed them to play one game without distractions. The game without distractions they were able to get every single act right. The subjects weregild to guess what their teammates were performing while being distracted. I collected date by keeping score.


The outcome of my experiment was what i expected it to be. It was very difficult for people to focus on something with distractions going around. The data that i collected was that males weren’t able to perform as well as the females did. Thee females won 5-0.

Project 12- Week 7


Game Elements

The title of my game is ” How long can you pay attention”?

Learning Elements 

My game is trying to teach college students to pay attention through distractions. The learning experience it’s trying to create for players is even through there are distractions you have to pay attention. The dynamic form of interaction of this game is talking with teammates. This supports the learning objective of the game because as a team you have to pay attention.The cognitive system  is most affected by the game design.

Formal Elements 

This game is a mulitplayer game that allows up to 10 players to play. This is a competitive game. The primary objective of the game is for the team to guess what your teammates are doing, while the other team distracts you. The rules of the game are simple, you have to outscore the other team in points. This does not conflict with the game and the learning objective. There are no resources in this game besides a deck of cards. There is no conflict in this game besides reaching the score limit. The boundaries in this game are on the guide that prevents the players from acting crazy. This limitation does make the game fun.The game ends when the first team reaches the score limit that was set in the beginning. Yes the outcome conflicts with the objectives.

Dramatic Elements

There is no main character in the game, its a team based game. The challenge that is presented to the player is to act out whats on the card. The skill that the player must master is sustained attention. No there is no fictional world. The general premise of the game is to measure a person’s sustained attention through distractions. There is no story in this game. This game is playful because it allows multiple players to play. The tension in this game is that it’s a competitive game that people want to come in first and not second.

System Dynamics

Deck of cards that tell the player what to act out is built to play this game. There are no properties in this game. Acting behaviors is required in this game. There are no relationships between the system elements. The player himself controls the dynamics of this game. No there is not an existing economy. The only new system that emerges from the game play is different types of distractions. No there is not any procedurally generated systems. Everything is exposed to the player from the beginning nothing is hidden. The players can talk to their teammates to receive feedback.

Functionality, Completeness, & Balance

The game is not yet fully functional needs some more improvements. The game is complete. No there is no voice being represented. The game i believe is balanced. No there isn’t a proven strategy as of yet. The game design is symmetrical.

Fun And Accessibility 

The game is fun. The elements support this game by you playing with some of your close friends. The only meaningful choices in this game is to pick who you want on your team. It does not relate to the objective. No there are no parts of this game that is broken. There are some parts that needs some micromanaging. I don’t think that there are parts that are boring in this game. No there are not any inconsequential choices. This game is very easy to play. It doesn’t take somebody long to learn how to play the game. Players learn to play this game by a guide that comes with the game.

Project 12- week 6

Sustained Attention On Freshman College Students

Gender battle.


My population of interest is undergraduate freshman college students. The subjects The subjects that were sampled from his population are students that are psychology majors. The way that i recruited them was i told them that i was a psychology major as well. The conditions of this experiment were i had two groups. One group of male students and then one group of female students. 10 people where in each group. The subjects that were included were freshman psychology majors. People that were excluded from this were college students that are not freshman but also had intellectual disabilities. The average age of my subjects were 19 years  old. The subjects were motivated to participated because i would buy them munchkins and donuts from Dunkin Donuts. Also the winner receives a $50 amazon gift card.


The materials that i used were a deck of cards, a book, a computer, and  also a notepad. For my stimuli I’m going to be measuring a persons sustained attention. I would like to see how long a person can focus on something. You can also say this was a competition between the genders to see who has the best sustained attention. The stimuli were presented to my test subjects in a course. I wanted to see which group of subjects had the best average finish time in the course. The winner of this course would receive a $50 gift card. The reason why the gift card is on the line is so that they can use their full potential in the course. The responses were measured in time. I recorded these timings on my notepad.


We all know that males are the superior athletes, while females are smarter. But lets see who has the better sustained- attention. The only condition that i had was i created two groups. one group of males and one group of females. I wanted to compare the measurements between the two groups. Also wanted to see which subject had the better sustained attention. We all know that teenagers love using their phones. But lets see which gender can multitask the best while on their phones males or females. The subjects were told to run a course as fast as they can while on their phone. The way i collected my data was by measuring the time it toke each person to finish the course. I then compared the times of each groups. I predict that males would have better sustained attention. Now what about you?

Project 12- week 5

Sustained attention span 

goldfish attention

Have you ever done a activity and out of no where you just forgot what you was doing? I can relate to this it has happened to me numerous times. The type of attention that is connected with that is sustained attention. There are four different types of attentions that a person has. Those four attentions are sustained, divided, alternating and selective selection. For my study i will be focusing on Sustained attention and how it measures up against elementary school students and college students. We all have lost focus on a activity and that is because of our sustained attention. Some work that has been done in this field, is that their focused on students in their classroom. Teachers can tell when a student is paying attention or when their are not paying attention. The way that they when a student isn’t paying attention when he isn’t participating in class, and when he isn’t doing any work at his desk. It’s been told that a way to help a student’s sustained attention span is by breaking the task into pieces that fits the students learning capacity. I believe that their are still some gaps that exist in this field of study. For example we have to find out what specifically affects a students sustained attention span. My study will satisfy these needs by studying the sustained attention span on elementary school students and college students. I would like to see which group of students has the better sustained attention span. I predict that college students will have a better sustained attention span then elementary school students. The reason why i say that is because college students are more mature then elementary school students.

Project 12 week 4

Do Video games help college students manage their stress? Screen-shot-2013-02-10-at-12.17.52-AM

My thesis is measuring to see if video games can help manage a college students stress. There are many college students in America and at one point in their time I’m pretty sure that they have faced stress. Stress is caused by many things for example falling a exam, taking a test, having a job interview and etc.

Related to psychology 

The cognitive process that i am studying is, learning how to manage stress on college students.The cognitive process that I’m going to be focusing on for this project is stress on college students. I want to see if playing video games can help a college student manage their stress well.

Socially Relevant

My study is going to be socially relevant because my study is going to be focusing on to college students. There are many students that attend college a year in America.We as students face stress and we don’t have a answer to it. Kids are known as “The future” because were going to have to invent new technology,and find cures that hasn’t been found out in this generation.

Original work

The unsolved problem that i want to study is if other college students use video games to help them manage their stress. Nobody has created a game that has focused on college students and stress. Since video games helped me when i was stressed out i want to see if other college students use the same technique.


This project interests me because growing up as a child I loved to play video games. To this day I still play video games and I still have the same joy as I did when I was a child. As a college student I go through stress like everybody else does. For me when I deal with stress I play video games to help manage my stress levels. For this project I want to learn if other college students use the same technique as me.

Project 12- Week 3

A critical review of Farm Blitz 

The game that I played for this week was called “Farm blitz”. The game company that created this game was Doorways to dreams. Thought this game was extremely fun and i enjoyed playing it.

Learning Elements

The game is trying to teach low income adults on how to manage their money well so they won’t get into any financial problems. The learning experience the game is trying to attempt to the player is managing your money well. The dominant form of interaction the player has with this game is that you control everything that goes on. This helps the learning objective because it teaches the player that nobody is going to help you with your financial problems. The cognitive processes is most affected by the game design.

Formal Elements 

This is a single player game. The primary objective of this game is to make money off your crops without going in debt. The resources that are in the game are money,a farm you own,crops,rabbits, and trees. Money is being spent. Also you get to govern the exchange of the resources. The conflict between the game elements are included by every round that you pass the game becomes more difficult. There are no boundaries in this game which makes the game very fun.It contributes to the objective by you learning how to manage your money well. This game doesn’t end you can keep playing as long as you want.

Dramatic Elements 

The main character in this game is you as a farmer. The relationship between the character and avatar is that you’re a farmer trying to make money off of your crops. The challenge that is being presented to the player is that you have to make money off of your farm without being in debt. The game takes place on a farm. There is no main storyline behind this game. The game is playful because there are no boundaries to the game. The type of play that is prevalent to this game is the main player learning a new skill. 

System Dynamics 

A farm is used to build the game system. Some object properties required in this game is a farm, money, and crops for your farm. The relationship between the system elements is that you control every aspect of the game. Yes there is a exist economy, but it doesn’t change over time. Asheville and dynamite emerges from the gameplay when you get to later rounds. Everything in this game is exposed to the player right off the bat nothing is hidden from the player. Players interact with the system by clicking the help tab.

Functionality, Completeness, & Balance

Yes this game is fully functional. Yes the game is complete and there is no voice being represented in this game. The game is also balanced. There is no dominate strategy to approach this game.

Fun and Accessibility 

This game was very engaging. This game was fun because as you continue to get to later rounds the game became more difficult so it wasn’t a cake walk. There are no parts of this game that are broken. Also no parts feels like it needs micromanaging. I don’t think that any parts of this game was boring. It is very easy to play this game because it has a help tab. It didn’t take me long to learn how to play the game. The players learn how to play the game by the help tab they provided.


Project 12- Week 2

This weeks game that I played was called fibber. I thought that it was a very good game that can teach voters about politics. The objective of the game was to tell weather each statement was truth or was it false. But their is a catch to it  every time you get a question wrong you have to undress one piece of clothing. Once you are fully undressed then you lose the game and it gives your results. The two main characters in the game are Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. These two names sound familiar because their were running for presidency back in 2012. I found the game to be encouraging because this year I’m going to be able to vote for the president since I’m legal. I don’t want to vote for a president that most of he’s comments are all lies. The first time i played it i only got 1 question right. But as I played it more i got much better.  This game also takes a lot of knowledge to play, because they ask you very tuff questions which made the game a little boring. But at the end of the day i enjoyed playing the game and i would recommend it.

Project 12 -Week 1

The game that i played was Mission U.S. city of immigrants. This game was mostly about a young immigrant girl that needed your help to navigate her way through lower Manhattan. This game was extremely fun and this game was based off immigrants that came to the new land. Every little thing you did in this game had its consequence which in my opinion made the game fun. The game set boundaries so you weren’t able to do anything you want.