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FA16-Project16 Week 1

My name is Candace Ramroop and the game that I critically reviewed was Zombies, Run created by Six to Start. The goal of this game is to help make the player more active, by creating a new environment (a zombie apocalypse) where the player thinks he or she is running from a zombie which makes running more fun and enjoyable. This game is trying to create a new exercise experience for those who find exercising dull and boring, so this is essentially a fitness app with a new and slightly terrifying twist. It is important that the player has a mobile smartphone, because the smartphone helps track the number of steps the player takes  like a pedometer. The premise of this story is the player trying to survive and not be eaten by zombies, they are trying to survive a zombie apocalypse by ensuring their base is well secure and they are avoiding zombies at all costs. The conflict between the players and the zombies are introduced through a series of alarming noises that are meant to get your attention and temporarily scare you so you could accomplish the task. The conflict stems from the zombies’ craving of human flesh so they go after the humans and in order to escape these zombies the player must maintain the pace of their running or increase the pace of their running.

The main character is the person playing the game in this case it is me, my motivation was to make sure I was not a victim of the zombie apocalypse and to ensure my own safety by surviving the zombie apocalypse. The zombies and the player are essentially enemies and it is the player’s job to run away from them or when it is necessary to kill them with ammo obtained.This conflict is resolved by a sufficient amount of space between the player and the zombie.  The player is interacting with this game by using his or her body and the ultimate controller by taking more steps, the farther away you are from the zombie the greater your chance at surviving. This supports the learning objective because the player is forced to take more steps and run away from the zombies therefore he or she gets a daily dose of exercise while interacting with this fun game.This game prevents players from dealing with the harmful effects of video games while engaging in a game that has some actual benefits both mentally and physical. After I did a mission I was in a better mood and had more energy throughout the day.  From what I have read this game consists of over 3 million players all over the world, the one downfall with this game is that players do not interact, it is strictly a one player game and the more missions you complete the more supplies you get for yourself. In my opinion, to get more people involved, it would be a better game if players were able to compete with each other and help other get resources. A Co –Op mode in this game is greatly needed, a mode where you can pair up with another person(s) and encourage others to go outside and they could bring their friends. I just believe this game would reach a lot more people with this method.

The primary objective of this game is to be more active, it is a unique game because it does not require one to sit on their butt all day with a controller in their hand and lose brain cells. It requires fresh air from outside and your legs, the more you run the more perks and rewards are earned. The rules of this game include just to run from the zombies, when you put your headphones in and you hear the zombies, that means you are not running a sufficient pace, so therefore you must go faster. This game consists of different missions and once completed a variety of rewards are earned to help build and campsite or farm because after all this game does take place at the time of a zombie apocalypse. This game does not end, there are a lot of missions, but the missions get more and more challenging as the game progresses. However, as the game progresses the player might see a change in his or her body because he or she has been very active throughout the duration of the game. This game uses emergent narrative. This game is not authored by a single person or by any person really. Some objects that are obtained throughout the game include food, ammo and other necessary items to help secure a base. This game also exists as an economy where it deteriorates over time which means the place is run rapid with walkers and requires the player to work harder to get away from them.

This game is not balanced, I say this because sometimes I feel I was intended to lose. I feel as though the game has the upper hand but in the game’s defense I have felt like this for most of the video games I have played in the past, no game is specifically designed so the player could win. If the player always won that would be a very boring game. Even in a game of chess one player goes first, therefore giving him or her the upper hand. Lastly, this game is not at all boring, it is slightly addictive and motivates you to the extreme, I am very glad I chose this game because I believe I have found a game that has benefited my physical and mental health.

FA-16-Project 4: WEEK 1

The game i played this week is titled ” NOVA’s Evolution Lab”. The link for the game is :


Nova Labs takes a very interesting approach on what, to me, seems to be a very challenging task. The developers decided to make the process of phylogenetics more accessible and intriguing by creating a simulator/puzzle based game. Phylogenetics, as described by NOVA LAB, is a “fancy name for the study of the evolutionary relationships among species”. The objective of the game is teaching its users how all life on earth is related through evolution. This task becomes easy through NOVA’S tree of life program. This game functions as a puzzle based simulator where users must create evolution trees by linking different species with different traits.

After creating an account, users are given a brief but informative lesson on Darwin’s theory, origins of evolution and several other highly related topics.  Interaction takes place when users drag different species to the center of the screen. A tree branch is then created between the species. Users must then drag traits that suit each species. Some species share traits so users must be cautious about the placement of each species. As users progress, the complexity of the tree is heightened. The first tree started with two species and while i did not complete the game, the last tree i tried had 6 species.

Due to its lack of story,  low appeal to mass, and a nonexistent character development feature, this game is geared towards those who have interest deeply rooted in evolution. It also lacks multiplayer functions but it does allow users to track their progress. This means that there is potential for multiplayer functionality if users are allowed to upload his or her’s progress to a leader board.

As aforementioned, i did not complete the game due to its complex nature. However, i did play enough to grasp the purpose and feel the games impact.  Phylogenetics seems to be a very concentrated subject but this game shed some light on its importance.


FA16-project 1

The game I played is called Dumb Ways To Die. The developers name is  McCann.

The game was fun, it was humorous as well. The objective of the game was not to allow the characters from each scene to die. In every scene there was a different scenario in which you as the player had to help the character not die. The game was somewhat educational as far with spelling and matching items. I felt the game was made to keep your mind alert, it would be a great game if you are trying to build your daily alertness. It was a bit hard I couldn’t get passed the second level. I feel like for someone who was a gamer that played mind challenging games, they would master this game.

FA16 Project 9- week 1

The game i chose to play was dumb ways to die. Im not really a game player but the name caught my attention right away and i went on with it. the purpose of the game was to avoid dying. the educational part of the game was to not get distracted in the train environment to avoid  dangerous scenarios of death from occurring. the game consisted of a one player. there were different parts to the game the scenes kept changing and i was very confused. i tried to master the game but it just didn’t work.

FA16-Project22: Week 1


Hello everyone!

My name is Jessica Tavarez. I played a game called At-Risk by Kognito Interactive. The URL for this game is

The learning objective of this game is to helping players to identify an individual who is under distress, with attempts on helping them engage in conversation about their issues. These individuals are from a high school or college based age. The beginning of the game has an introduction with a virtual narrator whom explains what the game is about and asks questions about people you might know that fit into a category of feeling certain ways: depressed, anxiety, thoughts of suicide, etc.  After the brief introduction you are then taken to through a scenario where you have a friend that you must interact with to help then discuss what is bothering them. There are preset questions and statements that you are able to choose to interact with this person. When there is a question or statement that has you go off course and not speak about the issue in itself with your friend, the narrator steps in and gives advice on how you can stay on tract with engaging with the character to identify the issue and help the character speak upon it. At the end of the simulation the game gives a number where you can call if you know someone who is in distress or feeling depressed, anxiety, etc.

I think this interactive game is a great for anyone. For myself who is studying mental illness, I connected with this game immediately because I have studied how to identify certain attributes within individuals who are suffering from an illness or disorder. But you do not need to be studying mental illness to connect with this game. There might be people in your own personal life that you know who are having a difficult time dealing with everyday activities, and their behaviors and attitudes might not be their norm. This game gives insight to any person who might know of a person who acts a certain way and help them to try and engage in conversation with them to open up about their problems. The only downfall about this game that I do not like is how they cut the simulation short, and you do not actually find out what is bothering the person. In retrospect, people can be going through a number if issues at the same time, and it can be a while before everything comes out. So for that aspect I can understand why it is not that long. People are in therapy for a long time and it can take a psychologist time to find out the root of a problem,or you might have a friend that has a hard time expressing their feelings to you. Either way, this game gives a one-on-one simulation on how you can approach someone going through situations that they themselves might not understand, and help guide you onto how to present the situation without being overbearing.

FA16-Project3 week 1

This week i chose to play the game ” dumb ways to die”. the game was very interesting to me. The objective of the game was to avoid the cartoon character from dying in various ways. Every stage was a different scenario of sequences of ways a person can die. Their was no real educational value of the game but it was fun to play. the game is mostly a one player game. In Bartle’s Taxonomy  killers or achievers would be good for these types of games, because either you can enjoy killing the character or like to have the fastest time you can possible achieve. Overall it was a good experience for a first time game. 

FA16-Project 10- Week 1

The game I played this week was called Win the White House. This game was fun to play. It was simple and educational at the same time. Interacting with other avatars and having everyone respect each others opinion was interesting.  I enjoyed the fact the other characters were allow to ask questions. I didn’t like the fact the audience members couldn’t say anything. Playing a game online and then reflecting on it was an interesting activity for me. I never have done this before, so for me it was definitely a great experience.The players control the dynamic of the system since they hold all the power. I know some games would be difficult and have multiple obstacles, but I was lucky with this game. It was nice to be able to create a slogan and pick topics that I thought was important. One of the exact questions that were asked was “support your position on a women’s right to choose.” The correct answer would be “A woman’s right to choose should not be limited by the government or religion.” This game was very real and realistic. It took me step by step and showed me what the process is like to become president. It’s not as easy as politicians make it look. You have to constantly debate and try to raise funds for campaigns. It was definitely an eye opener for me.











Game Elements:

The title of the game I played is called Dumb Ways To Die., developed by McCann. The URL of where the game can be found is: .

Learning Objective:

The learning objective of this game is to teach, remind, and promote safety in a person’s day to day activities especially while in the vicinity of a train and/or train platform. The processes that are most affected by the game design are the cognitive and behavioral processes. The game does so because it relies on quick thinking which pertains to the player’s cognitive process and behavioral depending on the decisions the player makes in the game.

In the game, there is one player who is the main character and there are many other characters within the game. The main character changes for majority of the different activities/obstacles. The primary objective of the game is to complete an activity/obstacle as quickly as you can by following the instructions you are presented with at the beginning of each activity. If not, you will die. The activities vary and in order to travel to different locations (worlds) in the game the player has to get on a train where they’re presented with an activity pertaining to train safety. There aren’t any rules in the game, just instructions. The points that are acquired during the game add up to tokens which allow the player to shop for things such as entrance into the world “Dumbest of the Dumb”. There the player can complete an activity to unlock new characters. After three times dying the game ends.

The game is extremely engaging and fun. It is a very playful game that is simple to understand and learn.

FA16-Project 1: Week 1

Hello everyone,
This week I spent my free time engaging a video game entitled LongStory created by Bloom Digital Media. If you’re interested in solving mysteries, building friendships and resolving conflicts then this game is perfect for you. This game is a one player video game centered on the main character. After a year of living in France the main characters family decides to return back to their hometown. On the first day of class the main character reads a mysterious note left in their locker by its former owner. The game then focuses on the characters assimilation into their new school and the solving of the mysterious locker note. This game allows a close connection between player and avatar by allowing you the ability to choose the identity of the main character, this included their name, gender, and responses. Player’s in this video game interact with the different characters through the use of conversation bubbles. In certain conversations the player has the ability to choose a response from the ones provided. Through different conversations the player is able to develop different relationships, resolve conflict and uncover the mystery. A player has the ability to advance in the game by completing different episodes. An episode consist of a series of different events that allows the player to further uncover the mystery and further develop different relationships. Once the player completes an episode they have the ability to unlock another one. The game is fairly easy to play, it should take a new player a few seconds to learn the game. Since the characters aren’t moving the player’s main task is to choose different responses as they appear on the screen. The mystery plus the ability to develop different kinds of relationships makes this game very engaging. The easy navigation makes the game easy for players of all ages. Though I think overall the game is pretty good there are a few things I dislike about it. The characters inability to move plus the boring transition to different scenes makes the game fall short from the perfect mark. If interested, instructions on how to download and play this game can be found at

FA16-Project5: Week 1

The game that I played is called Parable of the Polygons, who’s developers are Nicky Case & Vi Hart. This game can be found on The game is trying to teach people that we can fix things that others have started. The game compares the shapes and choosing neighbors to people and that same situation. Some people may be more bias than others, but it’s the ones that aren’t bias that can make a difference and try to create more equality. The dominant form of interaction is placing the shapes in a neighborhood that satisfies them and usually tries to avoid segregating them while choosing neighbors. Social processes are most affected by the game design because it shows how society can view other people and segregate by being bias and how those that are not bias can make the community a better place. It tries to show that even though there may be some that are bias it takes work from those that aren’t unbiased to create equality as much as possible.