FA16-Project 10- Week 1

The game I played this week was called Win the White House. This game was fun to play. It was simple and educational at the same time. Interacting with other avatars and having everyone respect each others opinion was interesting.  I enjoyed the fact the other characters were allow to ask questions. I didn’t like the fact the audience members couldn’t say anything. Playing a game online and then reflecting on it was an interesting activity for me. I never have done this before, so for me it was definitely a great experience.The players control the dynamic of the system since they hold all the power. I know some games would be difficult and have multiple obstacles, but I was lucky with this game. It was nice to be able to create a slogan and pick topics that I thought was important. One of the exact questions that were asked was “support your position on a women’s right to choose.” The correct answer would be “A woman’s right to choose should not be limited by the government or religion.” This game was very real and realistic. It took me step by step and showed me what the process is like to become president. It’s not as easy as politicians make it look. You have to constantly debate and try to raise funds for campaigns. It was definitely an eye opener for me.

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