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Smorball presents players with phrases from scanned pages from cultural heritage institutions. After much verification, the words players type are sent to the libraries that store the corresponding pages, allowing those pages to be searched and data mined and ultimately making historic literature more usable for institutions, scholars, educators, and the public

Smorball is a challenging browser game that asks players to correctly type the words they see on the screen–punctuation and all. The more words they type correctly, the quicker opposing teams are defeated, and the closer the Eugene Melonballers get to the Dalahäst Trophy.  As an opponent approaches, type the phrase in the corresponding row and press “enter,” commanding your athlete to tackle the opponent

The Cognitive process is the most affected. The game interface is a football field divided in three rows. Words appear on each row and users are only allowed to type out one row at a time. This design puts pressure on the user’s decision making skills because the computer controlled robots will attack on different rows at different speeds.

Players start with 600 points and for every misspelled word a 25 point penalty is given. If a robot crosses the line a 100 point penalty is inflicted. Users must destroy the robots without losing the initial 600 points.

Currency is factor in this game. As mentioned earlier, users start with 600 points and must clear the robots without losing all the points. Users can use the leftover points to buy various powerups that can be used in the next level

The conflict within this game is tied to the story. Users are controlling a football team that was heavily considered an underdog. Before every game a dialogue appears between two commentators who discuss the progress of your team on the quest of winning the trophy.


The users is represented as a rookie coach of a team that struggled the previous year. The motivation stems from the commentators doubting the new coach and the success of the team.As the coach, users must win every game to advance to the last trophy game. As the game progresses user must become adept at typing the randomly selected words at a fast pace

Achievers are the type of gamers that would most appreciate this game. This game can be beaten and users are constantly rewarded and praised. The token/point system is also appealing to “achievers”

FA-16-Project 4: WEEK 1

The game i played this week is titled ” NOVA’s Evolution Lab”. The link for the game is :


Nova Labs takes a very interesting approach on what, to me, seems to be a very challenging task. The developers decided to make the process of phylogenetics more accessible and intriguing by creating a simulator/puzzle based game. Phylogenetics, as described by NOVA LAB, is a “fancy name for the study of the evolutionary relationships among species”. The objective of the game is teaching its users how all life on earth is related through evolution. This task becomes easy through NOVA’S tree of life program. This game functions as a puzzle based simulator where users must create evolution trees by linking different species with different traits.

After creating an account, users are given a brief but informative lesson on Darwin’s theory, origins of evolution and several other highly related topics.  Interaction takes place when users drag different species to the center of the screen. A tree branch is then created between the species. Users must then drag traits that suit each species. Some species share traits so users must be cautious about the placement of each species. As users progress, the complexity of the tree is heightened. The first tree started with two species and while i did not complete the game, the last tree i tried had 6 species.

Due to its lack of story,  low appeal to mass, and a nonexistent character development feature, this game is geared towards those who have interest deeply rooted in evolution. It also lacks multiplayer functions but it does allow users to track their progress. This means that there is potential for multiplayer functionality if users are allowed to upload his or her’s progress to a leader board.

As aforementioned, i did not complete the game due to its complex nature. However, i did play enough to grasp the purpose and feel the games impact.  Phylogenetics seems to be a very concentrated subject but this game shed some light on its importance.