FA16-Project 1: Week 1

Hello everyone,
This week I spent my free time engaging a video game entitled LongStory created by Bloom Digital Media. If you’re interested in solving mysteries, building friendships and resolving conflicts then this game is perfect for you. This game is a one player video game centered on the main character. After a year of living in France the main characters family decides to return back to their hometown. On the first day of class the main character reads a mysterious note left in their locker by its former owner. The game then focuses on the characters assimilation into their new school and the solving of the mysterious locker note. This game allows a close connection between player and avatar by allowing you the ability to choose the identity of the main character, this included their name, gender, and responses. Player’s in this video game interact with the different characters through the use of conversation bubbles. In certain conversations the player has the ability to choose a response from the ones provided. Through different conversations the player is able to develop different relationships, resolve conflict and uncover the mystery. A player has the ability to advance in the game by completing different episodes. An episode consist of a series of different events that allows the player to further uncover the mystery and further develop different relationships. Once the player completes an episode they have the ability to unlock another one. The game is fairly easy to play, it should take a new player a few seconds to learn the game. Since the characters aren’t moving the player’s main task is to choose different responses as they appear on the screen. The mystery plus the ability to develop different kinds of relationships makes this game very engaging. The easy navigation makes the game easy for players of all ages. Though I think overall the game is pretty good there are a few things I dislike about it. The characters inability to move plus the boring transition to different scenes makes the game fall short from the perfect mark. If interested, instructions on how to download and play this game can be found at http://www.longstorygame.com/GetLongStory.

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