Project 12 – Week 8


The title of my game is “How long can you pay attention”?


For my game i used 10 subjects 5 on each team. It was a male vs female competition game. The way that they were recruited was i gave each one of them a $10 amazon gift card. The inclusion criteria that i used were that they had to be college freshman that were psychology majors. The conditions were that they had to be physically capable of performing acts. The subject’s demography was varied. some were Spanish, Haitians, Muslims, and Christian. The materials that i used were pen, iPad, Score counter app, and also a computer. The game was presented to both teams on Saturday at a open gym Responses were measured by me. The conditions that i created were i made both teams play one game with distractions. Then i allowed them to play one game without distractions. Then i allowed them to play one game without distractions. The game without distractions they were able to get every single act right. The subjects weregild to guess what their teammates were performing while being distracted. I collected date by keeping score.


The outcome of my experiment was what i expected it to be. It was very difficult for people to focus on something with distractions going around. The data that i collected was that males weren’t able to perform as well as the females did. Thee females won 5-0.

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I'm an Assistant Professor of Behavioral Sciences at City University of New York, with joint appointments in Neuroscience and Cognitive Neuroscience. I also have an appointment as a Visiting Scholar at New York University. My research interests include cognitive neuroscience, functional magnetic resonance imaging, glaucoma, neurodegenerative disorders, attention, learning, memory, educational technology, pedagogy, and developing games for education.

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