Project 8 Week 1

imageThis week I played an educational game named Digital Compass by Commom sense. Digital compass gives kids the freedom to explore how decisions made in their digital life can impact their relationships and future. Digital Compass is downloadable, it is available in iTunes for  tablets,iPhone,android and etc. In this game you choose one digital character out of the eight. Each character has its own story line. Your goal is to review his or her story line. For every situation, you make a decision for them. When you pick the answer that shows the right outcome, you will get points. When you choose the incorrect response you lose points.  The game is trying to teach different citizenship lessons in internet safety,privacy,relationships,communications,cyber bullying,self image,reputation and many more. The learning experiences the game is attempting to create for the player is to step into the shoes of one of the eight characters to experience their lifestyle. It wants to teach about the right thing to do in a situation and to inform people of different and better options. Another learning experience its trying to teach is how to deal with the ups and downs occurrences involved in the situation.Over time the economy is building more educational games to help children learn and stay engaged. Sometimes teaching using an interactive game among people , may be more engaging. I think Digital Compass is creative and engaging way to reflect about dilemmas that are routine in young people’s lives today.

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