Project 4 Week -5

Vocational Interests 

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What are vocational Interests?
That’s the kind of work you want to do. What kind of job you eventually want as an adult.The word vocation come from the the Latin word call, that being said a vocation is an occupation that a person was called/born to do.

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 What am I going to do for the rest of my Life?
Which occupations bests suit me?
Am I suited to start my own business?
Am I an entrepreneurial person?
Many People enter college with the idea that they truly know what they want to do in life , most of these people change their minds by their senior year and find them selves having wasted an ample amount of time.

Thesis: It is predicted that freshmen of the various colleges will no longer enter fields that they will change when they become seniors, they will now be educated and equipped to enter the field that they will enjoy for a lifetime.

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