project 8 week 8

Speed into Fractions


An overall look into my game, my population of interest are NYS elementary students with a mixture of 4th and 5th graders. My subject was 200 students that were recruited. One elementary school from each borough will be selected. 40 random students from each of those schools will be chosen. 20 students will play the game and the other 20 will focus on learning regularly based on teaching strategies from teachers. Over all 100 students will be playing the game.

The game was not presented to these schools, but it was presented to a small group of students.The game was playable. The deck of questions to the game was based on grade  level.  The way I would collect data is based on how well they answer the questions. (amount correct/wrong) and type of question they worked on.

The game was only presented to a group of four students.
Conditions I created was control group and experimental group.The control group was the 100 students who are not playing the game and the experimental group are the students who are playing the game. I explained the procedure to the students on how the game will be played and it was easily followed. Once the game is more ready to play, students will be able to play a few more rounds. For now a small group of 4 students is playable to test to the game.

The outcome of my experiment went well, I personally believe it was playable. Results may vary.

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