week 8

Game title Get smart
Subjects – How many subjects were used? How were they recruited? What inclusion/exclusion criteria were used? What were the conditions? How were subjects assigned to conditions? What were the subject demographics? One participant at a time, the conditions were you have to be dyslexic to be a participant.
Apparatus – Apart from materials that make up the game, what materials did you use to collect data? How was the game presented? How were responses measured? The response was measured by the willingness of the participant to continue playing the game.
Procedures – What conditions did you create and compare? What were subjects in each condition asked to do? How did you explain things to the subjects? How did you collect data? The conditions were if you can’t pass one level you can’t go to the next. The explanation to the participants were, 3 steps; (1) listen, (2) type, (3) find the word in a sentence. Data was collected at the end results of the participants, that are the rewards accumulated during the game.
Describe the outcome of your experiment. If you collected data, include descriptive/inferential statistics that describe the data within groups. The experience was quite great because the game was not complicated at all, and the participants found it to be fun.

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