Project 5: Week 12

There were four subjects that were used. They were recruited at random. Kids from the age thirteen and older were included. Kids who were twelve and under were excluded. The four subjects were given the rules of the game and told to complete the game. In order to get the competition started, each player needs to roll a six. The latest songs were used to present the game. Artist such as Future, Bryson Tiller, and Chris Brown were used to collect data. The song you land on is what determines if you continue your journey to the party or if you go all the way back to your room. Each subject was told to roll the dice. The number that showed up on the dice is the amount of spaces they have to move. The idea is to stay clear of any songs from Future. Those songs cause people to become stressed. When you become stressed it causes you to become antisocial. Therefore, you aren’t able to make it to the party. Instead you stay in your room. It proves that the type of music you listen too affects your emotion. Music that promotes happiness will make you feel happy. Music that promotes drugs as fun will only cause you to take them and eventually you will become depressed.

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