Project 17_week 14

This week I focused on my overall results in this experiment. During the experiment a random 10 boys were asked to fill out a survey. Within those 10 boys, 7 of them were classified under social anxiety. Likewise, 10 randomly selected girls were also asked to take a survey. Of those 10 girls only 4 of them appeared to have social anxiety. Therefore, in an abundance of 20 subjects; 11 of them had social anxiety. Through my own analysis, I began to understand the correlation between men having a greater number of social anxiety then women do. Women are more secure about their own physical features and social personality then men. It became clear to me that even in a social environment, men tend to isolate themselves with their own in order to appear secure.

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I'm an Assistant Professor of Behavioral Sciences at City University of New York, with joint appointments in Neuroscience and Cognitive Neuroscience. I also have an appointment as a Visiting Scholar at New York University. My research interests include cognitive neuroscience, functional magnetic resonance imaging, glaucoma, neurodegenerative disorders, attention, learning, memory, educational technology, pedagogy, and developing games for education.

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