FA 16 Project6 Week 8

The board game WordPlay will be used to  measure the effects of memory  on 6th grade students in a middle school. The subjects consist of both boys and girls  in and ESL class between the age of 10- 12 years old.  A questionnaire was used to determine the ethnicity  of the subjects which include  Haitian,  Middle Eastern, Hispanic, African American and Indian. Once the volunteers were determined, the rules were explained to them and they were given  the opportunity to  ask questions regarding it.  The subjects  must first roll the dice to determine who will go first, second, etc. Then they roll again to determine how many spaces they will move along the board.  The colors on  the board represent  different task  they must fulfill, such as defining a word. If they answer incorrectly they move back to their original spot before  they rolled the dice. First person to end up back at start will win the extra points on the next exam.   The results from the exams will used to determine if  there was an effect on memory since playing WordPlay and thus proving the thesis.

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