FA 16- Project 2: Week 15

Smarty Pants Questions: questions were used for second grade group! Based on material they were learning.

After all the research I have done and all the testing that I have done I conclude that games are beneficial to young children while learning. I believe it is a crucial aspect to help stay children focus and attentive in school. Many times children zone out and become bored because sitting at a desk all day listening to a teacher talk can get very boring at times. If a child does not understand what is going on then they zone out because they are discouraged with themselves. I believe having them in a relax setting and introducing a board game, set up to help them, can be very beneficial and can keep their focus. That is exactly what my game, Smarty Pants did, it was set up based on questions the children were currently learning and they answered questions in a relaxed setting They were always encouraged to try their best and if they got an answer wrong they knew it was okay and they had another chance to answer the next round.

Each week I tested my game on a different group and sometimes even I different age group. The results always remained the same, the children stayed focus and had fun answering the questions. Most times they answered the questions correct and felt very proud of themselves. I based the questions on subjects they were learning at that time and then tested them afterwards and 8 out of 10 times the children did great on the test. The children responded very well and asked for me to come back the following week and play with they again.

Although I tested my game many times, there is still a lot of research that has to be done to make sure the game is fully functioning. I am eager to see where I can go with this game and hope the results remain the same. I love helping children because I was always the student who zoned out during class because a lecture setting was very boring to me. I do my best work when I have something in front of me allowing me to test my knowledge. I wish I thought of this game when I was younger because it would of been a great way to study for an upcoming test.

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