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Project 18 Week 3

A Critical Review of Zombies Run! 

Zombies Run

Zombies Run! created by Six to Start has the idea to make the idea of running more appealing to its players. The zombie genre is what’s popular right now and Six to Start has created a zombie game where you the player is not killing or attacking the zombies you are just running from them. They took an exercise and made it into something more fun and interactive. They place you into a post-apocalyptic town where you must run to survive.


The game teaches you that running can be fun it does not have to be hard work. The learning experience a person can take away from this game is that running is not all about losing weight and staying thin. To play this game a person must download the application via the app store. They must turn on the GPS on their phone to track their progress. As the player continues to play the game they are affected physiologically since most of the game is the person running form the zombies to make it back to township of Abel.


This game is a one player game where the player’s objective is to outrun the zombies and to make it to the township of Abel. Some rules of the game are to set a music playlist if you choose to listen to music while you put on your headphones and prepare for a run. Missions can last for 35 minutes and while running radio broadcasts come on so that’s important to have headphones on. Each mission the player had to make it to the end by running and completing the allotted time where they will receive materials and supplies. Supplies consist of batteries, medical supplies and food to ensure survival. The materials obtained can be used to build defenses and to upgrade them as well. The conflict in the game is that zombies have now entered the world and humanity is fighting to survive. In order to survive Runner 5 must outrun the zombies and bring them the supplies needed. Limitations of the game are that the person cannot shoot or kill the zombies. As the player continues to play the different seasons and levels it gets more difficult from being chased by the zombies and you have to keep building and upgrading your defenses to survive the zombie invasion of the township of Abel.


The main character is Runner 5 they are new to the township of Abel and have to prove themselves worthy to the township so they have to retrieve the supplies and materials. While playing the game challenges Runner 5 can run into is to complete each mission which means they have to run faster each time they play because zombies can speed up. The story uses a branching narrative and has the option while running to be chased by zombies where the player will hear the radio broadcasts warning the player about incoming zombies. The game is playful because the player actually is a part of the game and it’s not like they have to push buttons to play the whole game. The game is very interactive. People who are achievers will really take to this game since they will try their hardest to complete all the missions outrunning the zombies and building the best defenses. Tension and Resolution are controlled by completing missions and by listening to the radio broadcasts which let you know how far the zombies are from your location.


Materials and supplies that are collected from the missions become useful after season 1 is completed where it’s made available the player can start building and upgrading the building and making defenses. The player can choose to build buildings but they have requirements that must be met such as having a certain amount of people or population before it lets you build. The player has a choice if they choose to run races and it lasts longer than a regular mission. The player has the option when they do the missions if they want to be chased by zombies or not.


The game is very functional in the reason that helps the person to fully immerse themselves into being Runner 5 in the post-apocalyptic world who is fighting for humanity’s survival. The game is not complete yet the programmers are always adding more levels, seasons, and more ways to upgrade so the player never gets bored.  The game is balanced and Runner 5 is made to run and it helps condition the player as they play each level whether they start out from a light job to a sprint.


The game is very engaging since the person has to be running in order to play. Player choices of the game would be how many times the person wants to play a specific mission because you play it over and over but you’ll only get the materials and supplies from playing a singular mission up to three times after that you will receive nothing. The game is very fun and it feels realistic when the radio broadcasts come on alerting you about humanity and the conditions of the world and the zombies approaching you as you are running. If the option was available to shoot the zombies the game would be better even though I understand the game is solely for getting the person to run. The game is very accessible as long as you have a cellphone and have the capability of the app store you can play. The game is very convenient since people like to use their phones a lot and they can use their music while playing the game. The game can be learned as soon as you load it onto your phone and get ready to go for a run.

Project 18 Week 2

This week I continued playing Zombie Run! By Six to Start. I have to reiterate this game is very amazing by making you actually work to play. I’ve played other games and I have not been so involved before. I really like how I can use it on my cellphone its more convenient than using a game console system. As I was saying the game as you continue to play more there becomes more options to choose from. In the game it gives you a better understanding of survival in a post-apocalyptic environment and what it would be like. The main character Runner 5, has the most dangerous job in the game and that’s to retrieve all the supplies and materials that are needed. The township of Abel depends upon you to complete the missions. While completing the missions the player has the option if they want to be chased by zombies or not. They can just run regularly if they choose to. One thing the game is missing is that you can’t actually engage with the zombies. Sadly you cannot shoot the zombies which is a limitation of the game. The game is fun as you continue onto Season 2 the option of building your own community becomes available. Now from the missions completed the materials and supplies you’ve been collecting becomes useful. They are used to help build your defense.

Project 18 Week 1

When it comes to exercise most of us will say yeah we’ll do it. But are we really going to do it? Mostly no we don’t ever get around to exercising. Well the game Zombies Run, by Six to Start combines running and playing a game. It’s a great way to motivate yourself by thinking you’re being chased and you have to make it to the end to be rewarded.  Each time the person runs from the zombies and makes it to the end they receive materials and supplies for the township of Abel.  In the game you are the main character Runner 5.  While you’re running listening to music a radio broadcast will interrupt the music and let you know just how far the zombies are from approaching you.  I love that you get to listen to your own music and play a game at the same time.  The fact that you can build defenses to prevent zombies is a lot of fun.  What it makes it more fun is that its accessible you can play it on your cellphone.