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FA16- Week 10

I used 6 different subjects for my gaming experiment so that it may be easier for me to get more of a variety for my data collection. This helped me to discover that my game my not appeal to almost everyone but a certain group of people. No, one likes to always feel like their learning but the game comes in handy when you want to learn a specific category. The game consist of a board that will be divided up into different categories such as math, reading , science and history. Choosing from these groups makes it easier for people to brush up on their common core learning. This game seems like its going to appeal more to people that are willing to stay fresh up on typical learning criteria. But for my subjects in the experiment I just had them play the game until they reach level 4. Once they reached their I gave out my questionnaires and recorded their responses to the game. After getting back my results it was much very much to be expected but it was still successful enough.