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FA16 – Week 12- Project 17


Question Killers is a game that’s played on the current knowledge of a person. It can be seen as a fun way to study or just to test yourself about how much you know in general. This game can be played by almost any age group but the questions will just have to be adjusted by the age group. This game shows how much the average person knows base on their current education level or what they know in general. The subjects that I have allowed to play the game so far really enjoyed the game. It made them think outside the box because of the questions that were asked of them to answer. They also compared the game to being like Jeopardy but not including the points factor of it. They also liked the fact that I gave them hints if they were stuck to long on a question. This factor helped them answer the questions more successfully. The game is good for basic use purposes. It really shows how people can learn something from playing games not just blowing things up and etc.