Project 8 Week 2

Have you ever wonder, how you can make learning fun?. That’s Your Right is a fun and engaging interactive game. It teaches students the first ten amendments of the Americanb39b214f4e082152a2627ee1646be5f5 Constitution. The game is a single/multiplayer digital card game. The player are dealt a hand of cards, each card describes a different scenario that can be positive or negative against the Amendment, Your goal is to correctly applied the amendment tokens on the scenario cards to win points or to take points away from your opponent. This game is completely free with a platform that is found online.  Overall That’s Your Right may be very helpful for students in Middle and High School. Teachers may also implement this game in their curriculum to make learning fun and engaging. The message you will receive by this game is knowing that your Bill of Right is important in your life today.

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