Week 3

For this week i played a game endorsed by icivics.com, the name of the game is We are the Jury: Do I have a right?.  The general purpose of the game is to help students learn their rights . The uses an emergent story line to aid to the progression of this game. In this game the player is allowed to pick an avatar that will represent them and a partner that will initially work along side them. Here in this game i played a lawyer who was starting her own law firm, my avatars name was Lisa Lee and her associate was a man named Chuck Freepress. In this game each lawyer that is hired to work in this firm specializes in a certain number of amendments, so all the player has to do is match a potential client with a lawyer whose specialty meets the need of their case.

“We are the Jury: Do I have right?”, promotes learning through its general use of match skills. Here the player must first determine if the customers issue is debatable and then they must pair it to the corresponding lawyer who specializes in that certain amendment. For example my first associate Chuck Freepress , was an expert of the first amendment  freedom of speech. If a client comes in with a scenario that corresponds to this amendment then the case is given to Mr. Freepress. The game required the player to win cases in order to build prestige. Prestige helps promote the firm and the firm begins to gain popularity. By doing this your able to gain more coins in order to unlock new character who specializes in several different amendments, some faster than others.

This game is deemed playful. It was by far the best out of the 3 different games that I’ve played in this class. The makers really did a good job at stimulating player and game interaction, the story line was engaging and stimulated a great learning environment. For the player it evokes both the cognitive and physiological processes; where the player may feel a little pressured by the sudden surplus of clients entering the law firm. We try not to get them to leave and in the cognitive aspect players are memorizing amendments and their functions. Over all i think this game is really interesting . For players  who enjoy sims , farm animals or anything where you’re in charge and can reign over your own community, this will definitely be the game for you.

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