Project 18 Week 7

Delusional Snakes & Ladders



snakes and ladders

The game is trying to teach the player the effects of hallucinogenic drugs. The learning experience the player can get from this game are the dangers of hallucinogenic drugs. A player will be rolling a die and having to move to the different squares on the board. Well it shows the player how a person that’s trying to move up in life that they can descend fast while on drugs. This happens by landing on a chute/snake. The cognitive processes are affected. Well cause the person is rolling a die to see where they will land kind of like when a person takes drugs they’re gambling with their life.


people playing snake

Six players can engage in the game. The game is very competitive to make it to the top first to become the winner.  The primary objective is to try to make it to the top of the board to win. Along the way the player can fall back to the bottom by landing on the chute they will perceive to be a snake while under the influence of drugs. Rules of the game are to wear the 3D glasses while playing, they must roll a die to see who goes first and after continue rolling the die to see where they land. The 3D glasses are to help give players a hallucinogenic affect portraying the chute as a snake on the board. A player lands on the ladder they advance on the board. There is nothing accrued in the game. In the game the person is just trying to move forward while under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs. Well conflict is introduced and maintained by the placement of chutes/snakes on the board. If the player lands on the ladder they get to move up on the board. Well the game prevents players from moving up if they land on a chute/snake. On the board there will be ladders that are holographic that will also look like snakes. The limitation is fun because it shows the while under the drugs they are seeing the ladders as snakes. Well while playing the game the players are under the influence of the hallucinogenic drugs where they will wear 3D glasses while playing the board game. The first one person to reach the top wins.



The game is made for multiple players and there is no main character. Their motivation is to win the game and make it to the top. Well when the player rolls the die it affects the character piece that’s on the board whether they advance or not. The challenges that are presented are the chutes/snakes to avoid and to make it to the top first. There are no skills to master since it is a game of chance. The game takes place in a person’s mind who’s under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs. The general premise of the story are that the characters have taken hallucinogenic drugs and they are feeling the effects. There is no narrative for this game. The game is playful since it is a game of chance you don’t know who will win. Most games people play are about skills or obtaining something to move on but with this game the player has no idea how they will do it’s all up to die they will roll and that will dictate the speed of the game. For Bartle’s Taxonomy the player who will enjoy this game would be the achiever because they will want to dominate and win in the game. Tension is controlled in the game by having the players roll a die so there movement in the game is unpredictable. The players could land on the chute after working to move up. Resolution is controlled by having a fixed place on the board at the top.


keep calm

There is no building in the game. In the game there are no object properties to collect or obtain. The player does not need to buy anything for the game they are just rolling a die to advance their character. The basic relationships between the system elements are the player has to roll the die to move around the board and hopefully avoid the chutes and aim to land on the square that has the ladder. No the game system does not exist as a game economy. There are no new systems that emerge from the game it is very straightforward and limited in what can happen. The chutes and ladders are presented on the board they can see them. They know what each do if they land on it. The players cannot control the system since it is a game of chance but the die the roll controls the outcome.



The game is fully functional. It shows the cons of being on drugs. The game I would say it is complete. The game is doing its job to show the dangers of being under the influence of drugs. The voice not being represented would be reality since the players are being manipulated. The game is balanced. There is no strategy for the game. The game is symmetrical it has flaws to impede players while it also has the ladder which help advance the players on the board.


3D glasses

The game is very engaging because it makes the players want to win. There are no meaningful choices in the game. The game is straightforward. The game is a lot of fun since it is a game of chance. I would not say that it is boring since the game is unpredictable. The calamities are the snakes on the board. The game is very easy to play. A player can learn how to play the game right away it’s not that hard to understand. Players learn how to play the game by reading the rules which state that they must be wearing the 3D glasses throughout the game to mimic the hallucinogenic drugs and they just have to roll a die.

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