All about my Game:

My game is called Health Genie

This game is trying to teach players how to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle while having the gene mutation. It is a video game that you can use a keyboard or mouse to pass the food into the baby’s mouth.


Physiological/cognitive/social/behavior processes:


All are used; you need to think about what foods are healthy for the child. When the child is ill, that may affect the player’s behavior and make them feel frustrated.

I plan to affect the system by having a lot of foods surrounding the baby and the player has to quickly choose which foods are good. If they choose wrong, the baby’s health decreases. There will be a pop up doctor that will show up giving tips and suggestions.


How is works:


This is a one player game. The objective of the game is to keep the baby healthy. This reinforces the learning objective because figuring out what is healthy for the baby stays in the player’s mind, so they are learning without knowing it. The rules are that you need to feed the baby the correct food in a limited amount of time. The age of the child, changes the types of food and other toxins that can be exposed in the game. When harmful foods or toxins like cigarettes or alcohol are exposed. It can be resolved given the right medicine or foods. Everything is given to the player so the player has limited choices. It can be fun because they have to work with the resources they get to fix the issue. This game does not end it can be played over and over.


The baby and the baby’s health is their motivation because that is what takes them to the next level. The baby is the player’s child. The challenges are to know what is healthy for the child to eat in every situation. For example, when at a mall what foods are okay to eat. It takes place in many places. The background changes every level. It starts in a kitchen and can change to the park or the mall depending on the level. The types of food depends on the setting of the level.


What’s the story?


You find out that the baby has a gene mutation and throughout the child’s life the player finds out how to keep the baby healthy. Throughout everyday situations you go through, you find out how to keep the baby healthy.

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