Game Title: Health Genie

Methods:image 3

There were 5 subjects used. Two of them were friends who were interested in my game. They just wanted to help me and told their friends to try it out also. It’s a two player game so I had people play against each other. Since I did not have a sand timer, I used my phone and set it to 30 secs and shortened the time to make it more interesting. I had to figure out scenarios and change the food options for each level which made it a little difficult for me. I realized he more detailed I make the game, the better it will be. To collect data, I wrote it down on a piece of paper. I wrote down their name, age, ethnic background, male or female, and who won or lost.image 4

They were given playing cards of different foods. They were told to give the baby gluten free products and they needed to think fast on which foods are gluten free. The time is limited and they need to sort through the cards before the other player. I explained to them in person the rules to make sure they fully understand my game. I need to make a card that has the directions.


2 out of the 5 had a better idea of what foods were best for the baby. Some had a little trouble but got better at it as they kept playing, They learned by copying the other player in a way. I need to make the game more interesting by figuring out a way to add more factors or situations. I should have created a survey for the players to fill out to know what I need to work on to fix the game and what they learned from the game.

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