FA16-Project 10-Week 12

In my game Attention Span of a Snail or Speedboat? the materials used to build this game are a board that is similar to the Monopoly board. You would then need index cards and markers to label the board. Short term (ST) and Long term (LT) would be labeled on the board with objects. A red Christmas present sticker represents short-term memory, while the blue Christmas present box represents long time memory. Those would be based on who answered those questions asked. In total 20 questions was asked, and the participants got to choose from 4 sections. One set of index cards would consist of questions that needs to be asked, while the back of the index cards will have the answers to the questions being asked.  Representing the participants will also be fun stickers. The Christmas tree would represent the female participants, while the candy cane represented the male participants.

In this experiment there were two groups which both consist of 2 main subjects each. Both groups were required to fill out questionnaires that asked them to answer questions based of how well they think their focusing skills are. How well they focus after watching t.v?  How well was the information retained? Participants in one group were presented films to watch and afterwards required to ask questions, while participants in group two just watched films and weren’t required to answer questions. Subjects in each condition were asked to attend their sessions. This experiment lasted 2 months, and data was collected every week.At the end of every week, participants were given questions to answer based on what they experience that week. The data was shown how many questions were answered for group one, while for group two, the data shown was simply how focused they were.

   The subjects watched Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  While watching this movie, the participants needed to pay close attention to details.  The participants had to prepare themselves to answer questions like ” What was the name of the all the dwarfs?” and ” Did the Prince in the movie have a name?”. After answering the twenty questions presented, the results were in. In the end, the results were the male had a greater short-term attention span compared to the females. The males had 7 questions where they were shown to have short-term memory, because the candy canes were placed where the red boxes were located. In terms of the females, there were only 3 places where the females got placed on short-term memory. In terms of long-term, the males had 4 questions where they were able to remember. In terms of long-term, the females had 6 places where they remembered long-term.  Males were unable to sustain a longer attention span.

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