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Project 5-Week 5

This week we focused more in depth about our research projects which in the long run will become games. We were advised to write a two page methodology about our project without going to in depth about how the project will be played. I was looking through several references in which have an experiment that is similar to the one I’m conducting but not quite. This helped me very much because while reading other research it made me think about how I was going about my game originally. In the long run I plan to use some of these ideas from different researchers but ultimately modify it in my own way.

Project 4 – Week 4

Today’s assignment was based upon knowing what our game projects are for the rest of the semester. I took an interest in combining both dancing and social skills into a game. The component of the game will help those not only break out of social anxiety but also help build character. This game is fairly easy to play because group dancing is something everybody can participate in. Lucky for me this research project has not yet been conducted, therefore it would be my pleasure to  introduce this game to everyone. Overall I choose to use group dancing because it interests me how people learn to break out of their shells by simply having the courage to ask another person to dance.Ultimately this will help with social anxieties and is a key game to learn how to be yourself with out feeling self-conscious.

Week 3-project 1

The game I played for this week was called Mission by David Rust-Smith. Overall the main objective of this game is to introduce players the difficulties and obstacles that were confronted through their lives as homeless people. This game was both very helpful and interesting because of the real life experiences being told through a game. In One setting I was given an avatar of a rust looking shoe, this shoe, however, played an important role in this persons life.  As the game advances you reach different types of people and obstacles that either meant something valuable or significant to the persons life or just ultimately destroyed them. The functions of this game were used through three simple buttons (left arrow, right arrow, up arrow). Some of the conflicts introduced in this game were obstacles such as people are simply finding food. However, one technically difficulty that delayed my game play was the up arrow which was used to jump. when trying to jump it never almost worked. The avatar would either buffer or just freeze up. Overall this game was still very informational because of its story-line. Some of the most important things I learned fro this game was sympathizing with homeless people a bit more. No one truly knows what they have been through because to us every day may be a passive day in regular routine. But to them everyday is one more day at a chance to survival.

Week 2- project 1

Free Rice was a very easy game yet very educational. It consisted of a lottery of words that each had four similar answers but one of those answers is the synonym of the original word. Now in order to move on to the next word, the player has to match that original word with its synonym. The objective of this game was to win as many grains of rice  in order to feed those fighting hunger. World Food Programme  has partnered up with John Breen, the author of this game, in order to help feed those worldwide. The more words you answer correctly the more challenging the words become as the player advances to the next level. This innovative game not only helps players expand their vocabulary but also helps them have a better grasp of what those words mean. However, In my opinion as the words got challenging, it would of been a great idea to have some hint or tip to have an idea of what the word could mean. Overall, I enjoyed playing Free Rice because it not only had great intentions in feeding those fighting hunger but also helped challenge my knowledge and understanding of new vocabulary.

Week 1-Project 1

Zombie run was an excellent experience for me ! The game mainly consisted of the idea on health and fitness. At first, it was a bit confusing to imagine how a game can involved both of these variables to prompt fitness. But to my surprise it did. The game allowed me to work on cardio ( running/walking) while still being able to to the enjoy the overall objectives of the game. Unlike any other game, Zombie run was played through a head piece. The theme of the game gave you the impression of a zombie apocalypse. A narrator will then describe your objective as you start walking or running. As you advance to each objective along the way, items such as rope, food, and weapons are collected through the game. However, it might sound crazy to think how a game knows if your even running or not. Therefore, before starting the game a small window will open up asking you for permission to activate your GPS. This will allow the game to know where your approaching and how much you have advance from your starting point. At the end of the game, you reach your safety zone and enter a civilization full of survivors just like you. This game also helps prompt listening skills and attention to detail. Although some downfalls such as pausing the game from where you left off, can’t be resumed at the same checkpoint it was left at. thus, Zombie run was a new and inexpensive way to workout. It build an adrenaline rush to imagine zombies chasing after you. For anyone interested in this game, I do recommend and give two thumbs up.