Project6 Week6

My population of interest would fall around High School Sophomores.  The age group would fall under 15-16.We would recruit them from class based on how well do in geometry. If they were not doing well, like really struggling then we would advise them to try something fun like the game that is being invited.

The students that have a 75% or higher on their test don’t need to play the game if they don’t want to. The students are diverse so there is no favoritism or singling out. The get motivate because they would probably get motivated from wanting to do better or earning a certificate saying you did excellent.

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I'm an Assistant Professor of Behavioral Sciences at City University of New York, with joint appointments in Neuroscience and Cognitive Neuroscience. I also have an appointment as a Visiting Scholar at New York University. My research interests include cognitive neuroscience, functional magnetic resonance imaging, glaucoma, neurodegenerative disorders, attention, learning, memory, educational technology, pedagogy, and developing games for education.

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