FA 16-Project 2: Week 7

SMARTY PANTS: The Trivia Game For Everyone!


The game I created was called Smarty Pants: The Trivia Game For Everyone!  This game was designed to help children learn and have fun doing so. The intention of the game is to help children with subjects they are currently learning in school. The game is designed based on trivia like questions. They have a pile of questions that must be answered in order to move forward and be able to spin the spinner to move their gaming piece around the board. The children are not only being social and able to have fun with their peers but they are learning which is benefiting them in the long run. The players were encouraged to interact with each other and help the other players if they got a question wrong. The learning objective was continually being enforced and was never affected. The number of players should be more then 3 but less then 6 to ensure the game is effective. The primary objective of this game is to answer the questions and to move forward on the board. Players must spin the spinner after getting the question correct to see how many spots to move their game piece. The game ends when one player gets around the board first and crosses the finish line. The game is very playful and encourages socialization. Players bond together and help each other when one answered a question wrong. The only times tensions arise is when players answer questions wrong and get discouraged but were resolved as soon as they began answering questions correct and were motivated to keep playing. The game is fully functioning and well be tested many times to make sure. The game is very easy to play and is for all ages. When different ages play, questions may need to be changed so they set up a challenge for the players playing. I am eager and look forward to testing this game more and hope the players enjoy it as well.

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