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Project 9 – Week 8

Rise to your Ability the scavenger hunt. For my scavenger hunt all together there are 12 subjects. There will be 4 subjects in each group which means all together there will be 3 groups. They were recruited in a shelter by taking a 2 question survey. One questionscavengerhunt was asked if they would like to participate in the study and the next question is how long they were homeless for. This was just a way of getting their consent and if they said yes then they was placed in a group which best fit they level of homelessness. The age group is 18 to 30 years of aged. There gender, race or ethnicity does not matter in this study. The experimental group will be the groups that will be playing the game and the control group would not be playing the game. Subjects were assigned to their conditions based on their type of homelessness which are new entry, chronic and episodic. The subjects demographics were determine on the amount of time they was homeless for.

This game was presented to homeless people that live in a shelter. They were measured on their types of homelessness and how well they did on their skills performance from a scale of 1-10. In the scale 10 would be extremely good and 1 would be extremely bad. The conditions I created were 3 groups. The chronic, episodic and new entry group. Each group has 4 people each and they have to work together to play the game. Each subject was asked to perform a task which would develop or enhance a skill that can help them find a job. They also have to exchange cards with people to receive things that can help them. In order to play the game, the game director well explain how to play the game to the subjects. He do this by reading them basic instructions on how to play the game. This game is really simple so it should be hard to play.

I collected my data from 3 people tThe-judges-600x450hat i assigned to take score. Each person is assigned to one group. Their job is to rate the subjects from a scale of 1-10 based on how well they performed the still asked. I didn’t have an opportunity to test my subjects on people that live in a shelter but I tested it on my friends. The outcome of the game was great. Some of my friends did well on all the skills that were asked. I believe I should have made at least 2 of my task hard so that it can give them a challenge. They did so well on the task that I think my game was too easy. Most of the subjects scored an 8 or better and most of them took two minutes to complete the task. When I compared my results with the control group I find that the people that played the game did good. I believe they did better because they show an effort that they want to do better than the people that didn’t do anything at all.

Project 9- Week 7


I name this game Rise to your Ability because I am aiming to build homeless people skills so that they can better themselves. This game is trying to teach homeless people who live in a shelter skills that can be useful for different kinds of jobs. The goal of this game is to help homeless people find a job base on the skills they preform best.

Royalty-free 3d computer generated clipart picture image of a team of 8 blue people holding up connected pieces to a colorful puzzle that spells out "team," symbolizing excellent teamwork, success and link exchanging.

TEAMWORK- Rise to your Ability 

The learning experience is being able to gain new skills that can be beneficial to get a job. The dominant form of interaction the player has with the game is the ability to do what they want. They have the free will to choose how to play the game. But there are certain rules they must follow. For example the player cannot move on to the second task without completing the first task. This supports the learning objective because each gamer can develop the same skills in different ways. The behavior processes system is most affected by this game design. The game design attempt to affect this system because everything about this game is based on the gamer’s behavior.

This is a multiplayer game. The players that are on the same team have to work together to complete each task. They have to cooperate with their team mate so that each person in their team finishes the task provided. This game is also competitive because the players are in teams and they are playing against each other to win. The primary objective of this game is to allow the homeless players to broaden their skills so that they can find a job based on the skill they are really good at. The game objective reinforces the learning objective because both are trying to achieve the same purpose.

imagesThere are a few rules to this game. Number one, each team is not allowed to move on to another task without completing the task before it. Number two, each person on each team has to perform the same task before moving on to the next task. Teammates are not allowed to help any team member. Number three, no cheating. When caught cheating the whole team have to wait 5 minutes before continuing the task. This complements the game and the learning objective because it gives everyone the opportunity to develop the skills intended. Throughout the game players are given the opportunity to collect cards from people. Each card has an award that can be beneficial to them. There are no resources being spent, they are only being collected. Stopping to talk to people that has the game title shirt on is a way the exchange of resources can be govern.

Conflict between game elements is introduced by how well the team knows the area they live in. There is a possibility they may get lost or doesn’t know where a particular place is located. It can be maintain by working together. It can be resolved by asking people on the streets direction to a particular place. This game prevents players from behaving in a non-cooperative way because they need to cooperate in order to beat the game. This limitation is fun because it builds their determination skill. Makes them want to strive to win against the other team. It contributes to the objective because they gain skill just by working together as a team. This game ends by receiving a grand prize. The team that wins gets awarded with a lot of money and a job interview for the skill which best fits them.

This game is playful because it has a lot of mini games in this one big game. All of these plays are most prevalent because each is working on a particular skill for the player. In Bartle’s taxonomy all the different types of players are most likely to enjoy this game.The information that is exposing to players is the grand award they will achieve if they win the game. The information that is hidden is that each task they go through they will gain a new skill that can help them to get a job. Players interact with the system good because they will gain a lot from it. The players control the system by having the free will to do what they want. The players receive feedback from the game by the awards they get from completing each task before the next team completes it. This game is very easy to play. It does not take long to learn how to play this game. The instructions are direct and very easy. The players learn how to play by listening to the direction of the game spoken by the game director in the beginning of the game. Also by the directions presented on the

I am still working on completing my game but i believe it is fully functional at this point.

Project 9- Week 6

The population of interest is homeless people.The subjects that were sampled from the homeless population are the ones that live in shelters. They were recruited in a shelter, and subjects were asked to fill out a two question survey. They were asked; would they like to participatedownloadpate in a study and how long they were homeless for? If they agreed to do this study, they were arranged in groups based on the type of homelessness which best fits them. There are three types of homelessness which are new entry, chronic and episodic.The three types of people that are homeless are being split in half. Both the experimental and control group will have a group of each type of homelessness. The experimental group will be the group that will be playing the game and the control group will be the people that will not be playing the game.I included subject that falls into one of the three types of homelessness category. They also much live in a shelter in order to play this game.I did not include homeless person that live on the street.The average age range would be around 18 years to 30 years old. I  motivated to participate by giving them a stipend.

To develop this game I use my own version of a scavenger hunt. There are three groups of homelessness which are new entry, chronic and episodic. Each group is given the same cards with the same directions on them in the same order. Next, they will all start at the same time. They will be told to read the first card then do exactly what the card ask them to do. When they get to their location they will be given a task to do. This task will develop a skill that can help them to find a job that goes with that particular skill they have learned. As soon as they finish that task they move on to card number two and follow the directions listed on that card. The group that get through all 5 cards and achieve all 5 skills will be rewarded cash and a full course meal.

The stimuli were presented to homeless people that wants to better their life. This game is design so that homeless people can develop skills so that they can find a job that best suits them.Their responses are being measured by six people. Three people will measures each group in the experimental group and the other three people will measure each group in the control group. They will be measuring their skills. They will measure how well they master those skills, which skill best suits them and how long it took to achieve those skills?

Each subjects in each condition asked to take a survey in the beginning so that we get their consent. Then they were asked to play the game to the best way that they can so that they can benefit from it.I explain things to the subjects by gathering all the subjects that will be playing the game together into one room and speak to them about how the game works? I will not tell them the purpose of the game which is for them to be able to develop skills to help them find a job. I want to be able to measure and see if the skills are being developed or not.I will collectfist_full_of_money_clip_art_22967 data by the level of the subject’s performance. It will be graded from a scale of 1-10. If the subject scores a grade of a one means that the subject preformed that skill very poorly and a grade of a 10 means that the subject mastered that particular skill.

Project 9- Week 4

Often times I walk around and see homeless people and I feel very sorry for them. I wonder how they became that way and why can’t they find a job to make things better for themselves. But i realize that most homeless people cant find a job becashutterstock_96134681use they don’t have an skills or money to get what they want. Everyone becomes homeless for different reasons. But I realize that over a long period of time being homeless on the street homeless people develop skills. They can read people and know how to talk to people in order to get what they want. They also develop many other skills. Therefore if they use those same exact skills they might be able to find a good job base on those skills they have developed.

The unsolved problem my study will address is the fact that homeless people cannot find a job because they lack skills. I am going to prove that being homeless over a long period of time, will eventually prove that homeless people develop skills that they are not aware of which can be helpful.The cognitive processes I am studying are perceptionhelp the homelessn and judgment. I want to study the effects of perception and judgment on behavior.

This research project is socially relevant because it gives the homeless an opportunity to become somebody in their life. They will use the cognitive processes perception and judgment to develop their behavior in order to find a job which suits them.

I am very interesting in doing this study because often times i feel sorry for homeless people and i will do anything to help them.

Project 9- week 3


Game Title: Bounden

Authors/company: Game Oven



The game I played was Bounden by Game Oven. This game is trying to teach gamers how to dance by using choreography by the Dutch National Ballet. The learning experienceBounden-App-Storee the game is attempting to create for the play is to be able to learn how to dance to that particular type of music in a fun and natural way. This game is affected by our social processes system. This design attempts to affect this system because the players have to work together in order to beat each stage. If there is no communication or no teamwork they would not be able to move on to the next round. It takes two people to play this game. The primary objective of this game is to teach players how to dance Ballet in a fun way. The game objective reinforces the learning objectives because the main goal of the game is to be able to teach players how to dance like the Dutch National Ballet.
There are a couple of rules that players must use in order to play this game. The rule of the game is that each player must keep their thumb on each end of the device at all times. Then they have to tilt the device around a virtual sphere following a path of rings in order to play the game. The players must swing their arms and twist their bodies, and before they know it, they are dancmzl.fbjltffqing. These rules complement the game and learning objective being the purpose of this game is to teach players how to dance.  This game allows players to get out of there comfort zone. It allows them to learn how to dance in a fun way rather than them learning the dance and get frustrating, because they can’t get the moves. This game allows players to focus more on the game than the moves.
The challenges that are presented to the players are the levels. The high the level the hard it gets. This means that they may have to move faster and the game gets more complex and complicated. The players must master there communication and eye coordination skills in order to master this game. They must talk to each other so that they won’t go the wrong way. They also must have good eye coordination to see where the rings are located on the virtual sphere.
This game is playful. This game  allows players to be active. The players have to get up and move there body in many positions in order to play the game. This game is playful because the players must work together to beat each level.  All the players in Bartle’s taxonomy are most likely to enjoy this game.
This game is fully functional. Picking a team player that  can work very well is meaningful in the game. The gamer may want to pick someone that they can communicate well with. This game is very easy. It only gets hard based on the level that the players on. The higher the level the harder it gets. It does take long to learn this game. It took me about two tries to figure out exactly how it works. The game is design so that players learn how to play this game from the beginning of the game. The game provides players instructions on how to play so that they won’t be lost when the game is in play.

Project 9 – week 2


Game title : Free rice

Authors/company: John Breen


Free rice is a game that tries to teach gamers vocabulary words by giving the gamer a word in which they have to figure out the meaning. By doing this, it causes the gamer to inquire new vocabulary wordfreee rices into their life and also brush up on the ones they already know. Not only is this game teaching new vocabulary words it is also donating rice to the World Food Programme (WFP) to help those in need. Each question that the gamer gets right, 10 grains of rice will be donated to the program. The learning
experience the game attempted to create for the gamer is to be able to help support the needy and develop their vocabulary . This teaches both vocabulary and the value of helping others in need.

It only takes one person to play this game. This game is design so that there wont be any interaction with other players. The interaction with the game and the player is very competitive. This game is competitive only because the gamer is trying to beat the game or get to a high level.The primary object of this game is to help the gamer donate rice to people in need by getting the definition of a given vocabulary word right. The game objective reinforces the learning objective because the gamer was able to learn new words and also allow the gamer an opportunity collect rice for the needy.

This game can go on forever but there is an end to this game. It is hard to get to the end of the game only because  the game becomes very difficult each level the gamer moves up too.The challenges presented are the word that are given to define. The gamer must be able to master they vocabulary skill. They must be about to see a word and figure out the meaning.This game is extremely easy. It do not take a long time to learn this game. In ricethe beginning of the game the player will be giving instructions on how to play the game.

Project 9- week 1

Title: Spent

Author/ company: McKinney, Urban Ministries of Durham

Website URL:

Its my first time using this website and i stumble upon a game  called “Spent”. What can i say i just love this game. I probably played this game about three times in row in different ways to see different outcomes. This game teaches people that being homelesspreview_1012131__30_-2013-12-10-1430_edit is just one decision away. In the beginning, the game starts off by telling the player that they pretty much lost everything. They lost their house,they have no more savings, no more job and they need to make it through the month in order to survive. Next, the player has to find a new job and a place to live that will be affordable. The main objective of the game is to try and make it through the month by budgeting their money so that they wont become homeless the next day.

By playing this game it teaches a valuable lesson. It teaches people the value of money and their decision making. It also teaches the player how it is like being poor. The game is designed in a way that the gamer has to make sacrifices. They have to sacrifice many things that they want or need in order to survive in this world to prevent themselves from becoming homeless. This game also gives information about real life issues relating to the gamer’s decision. It also shows that each decision the gamer makes can affect them in the future. It only takes one decision to change a person life completely.

Making good life decisions is very important. When making a life decision it can change the person life for better or for worse.The game objective I believe reinforce the learning objective. They both go hand in hand.The interaction the player has with the game is a good experience. It allows the player to view there life from a poor persons point of view. By doing this it shows the gamer that every decision they make can change their whole life around.

The designer of this game done a great job putting this game together because it is easy to play and it teaches anyone that plays this game a valuable lesson. PSY200WP_Banner