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FA16-Project10-Week 7

My game would be called Miss or Hit with ADHD Problem. This game is trying to teach us important issues that arise when letting kids watch too much television and play too much video game. A major issue that was presented throughout this game was how long does it takes for one to become focused and for one to become distracted. The game is trying to let the players know whether or not their attention span changed after playing video games or if it stays the same. Cognitive behavior is most affected by the game designed. The reason why I chose cognitive is because this game is all about thinking and strategizing. You have to answer a topic given to you without losing concentration.

Four players can answer questions while 6 people can ask questions to those who played the video game and those who didn’t. Another 6 people can be audience members. So in total 16 people can play this game. The primary objective of this game is to see whether those who play video games maintain the same focus and concentration level, compared to those who don’t play video games. To get participants for this game they were promised college credits. The whole point of the game is to see whether or not those who play video games, compared to those who don’t have a better focus and concentration skill. The game would end with whoever answers the most questions and gets a better score on the response they gave. The motivate is to convince the audience video games mentally have an impact one brain and can rewire it. The players who played video games are trying to convince the audience that video games don’t do any harm. Video game doesn’t affect their academic life and they can still maintain focus. The job of those who don’t play video games is trying to convince the audience that without video games, they have a higher concentration skill and a better memory.

The game is balanced. It’s a fair game, because both sides get to compete together. This game is definitely engaging. The elements promote learning because a player is being asked questions based on what they saw, after playing video games. This game was meant to make a player think beforehand and also strategics. This game was also meant to see whether after playing video games the attention span stays the same afterwards or does it in fact change. . All players mainly have to do is answer the questions being directed to them afterwards. The aftermath of playing video games would be interesting, just like those who don’t play video games.  This game is a simple game to understand. The two participants who are indeed playing video games, they would have to prove themselves and prove to not only those asking the questions or their opponents, but to the audience members, that video games doesn’t just distract one that easily. I truly believe those who played video games and then entering the questioning round would have a harder time answering questions, but they would also have a harder time proving their point.

FA16-Project 10-Week 6

This week for my research project, I had to complete the methods section and try to figure out how I would find a solution to the problem discussed in my project. To begin, my population of interest is kids who range from ages 13-16, because I feel at those ages kids are more into video games that aren’t always about racing, but some violent games are being played as well. My study focuses on only males. They are Junior High and some High School kids. These kids are from all over the world and they were informed by participating in this experiment, they would receive course credit for free. In this experiment there would be two groups which both consist of 10 males participants. Both groups are required to fill out a questionnaire that asked them to rate on a scale from 1-10 how often they play video games and how are they doing academically. Participants in one group would be able to play videos to see if they would be able to focus on work after, while participants in the second group wouldn’t be able to play video games. Those who aren’t playing video games, would instead play a sport, such a basketball. In this experiment we are comparing the effect of video games on ADHD.

Participants were asked to keep track of when 2 hours were up for those playing video games and for those playing basketball. Keeping track of how long they were playing is important in order for this experiment to be consistent. Participants were told that they were being used for an experiment and we were testing their concentration skills after playing games to those who aren’t playing video games.This experiment lasted 2 months, and data was collected every two weeks. At the end of the two weeks participants were given a questionnaire and asked to rate on a scale from 1-10 if they feel their attention span increased, decreased, or stayed the same.



FA16-Project 10-Week 5

While working on the introduction and bibliography for my project I have learned a lot and found myself questioning the topic I have chosen. Most articles I read have talked about the detrimental factor of playing video games. This made me ask myself is age a main factor when it comes to attention span or is the type of game being played the major factor. I believe the main factor is the game being played. When you are little, you will have trouble focusing, because little kids tend to get distracted easily. The type of game being played is the main factor I believe. I believe the game is the cause for attention deficiency. Some games takes more time and effort before you reach victory status. Some games may also contain hidden secrets or hints. Two questions I came up with is, does it depend on a certain age whether a kid suffers from a shorter attention span? Does attention span deficiency depend on the game being played?

In terms of replication, some kids would be playing video games, while another group of kids would be without video games. In the end you can test whether or not a child grade went down academically or went up. You can also test to see how long a child can pay attention for before they get distracted. My study can help, because it can give a little insight as to whether age is the problem or the games being played is the problem. This study can also help parents be aware of the situation and take charge. Parents can put limits of how much video game time their child gets. They can help their kids by putting a restriction on the type of games their child should play as well.



FA16-Project 10-Week 4

Can overplaying video games rewire your brain? The cognitive process I am studying is changes to the brain after playing video games and how a person can damage their vision. I have read articles that suggest video games can cause substance abuse to occur. How can playing video games influence a person? Some articles I have come across explains playing video games for too long can cause a person to start showing disruptive behavior. Over playing video games can cause one to have problems such as not being able to focus for a long amount of time. In terms of the brain, if one is constantly playing video games for 10 plus hours, the brain would start to signal to that person they would have to be playing games all the time.  Another problem with the brain is it can potentially rewire itself, especially if it isn’t fully developed yet. Some articles I have read explained that at the age of 25 and on the brain is fully developed. Under the age of 25 the brain isn’t fully developed. This can cause problems when the brain isn’t fully developed, because it can possibly rewire itself.Physiological change occur. Behaviors start to change when video games are being played more than usual. Aggressive behaviors are shown, when violent video games are played. Playing to many violent games can cause affect parts of the brain, such as emotionally.

I chose to study this topic, because it fascinates me how some people can be addicted to game while others can play video games all day and nothing happens to them. I want to know how playing video games affect fully developed brains, compared to those whose brains aren’t fully developed yet.

Thesis: Can overplaying video games rewire your brain?Playing video games for too long can cause a negative impact on a person life along with having an impact on their brain.

FA16-Project10-Week 3

This week I had the pleasure of playing a game called We The Jury. The point of this game is to teach players how people who are part of a jury come to a decision. The game is attempting to teach players what the real world is like. The game wants its players to know that not everyone would agree on a decision. Some cases have conclusions, while other cases don’t.  Some cases are easier to come to terms with, but in some cases the evidence just isn’t there. This game is teaching the players how to  “analyze evidence, testimony, and use the right arguments to reach a fair and impartial verdict”. Every little detail matters when it comes to working on a juror. Cognitive behavior is most affected by the game designed. The reason cognitive is because you have to look at all the evidence and listen to testimonies given before making a decision. You have to interpret the notes you took and also listen to the opinions of others who are part of the juror. As a team you are all gathered together in one room to make a decision on whether the plaintiff is wrong or the defendant is wrong. Coming up with a verdict is challenging. Each juror member may have a different answer. In turn, if not everyone can agree a “unanimous decision” would be the outcome. This game tests you to your full potential. You have to think outside the box in cases like this, but also look at the evidence presented before you. The way you interpret the evidence may be different from how another person would interpret the information. That’s completely fine. Everyone has the right to be entitled to their own opinion. There are no tensions in this game because everyone is respecting towards each other. A stagnant part of the game is being asked to consider certain factors presented in the cases. When it’s time to come up with a decision as to whether the evidence presents before you supports your decision or not  can be tricky at times.  Reasons for this is because everyone has to explain why they said yes, no, or are unsure. Overall this game shows the reality of what it is like being part of a juror. This is a real life game, which exists in today’s economy. There are no hidden details.  This game shows the reality of what it is like to work with a team. Some may agree with you, while others wouldn’t. It’s all about working together as a team to promote a safer environment and society.

FA16-Project 10-Week 2

This week I had the pleasure of playing a game called That’s Your Right.     This is an educational game. It teaches players the true meaning as to why we have amendments.  The player gets a choice to choose whichever five amendments they want to learn about. They then get to go against an opponent to see who knows their amendments. Whoever gets to  60 points and over wins the game. Cognitive behavior is most affected by the game designed. This is a cognitive game because you have to think and be strategic. You are strategizing, because you are trying to figure out how you can gain more points than your partner. You are thinking, because with every incorrect answer you have, you have the possibility of losing points. This game can be compared to UNO. The reason for this is because in UNO you have a 50/50 chance of having to draw 4 cards. In this game you have a 50/50 chance of gaining points and losing points.  The main objective of this game is to see how many cards we can get correct and how many points we can gain. There is no conflicts in this game. Every player is playing for themselves and making their own decisions. The game ends by telling you whether you have been defeated or victory has been acquired. This game motivates a person to want to learn and win all at the same time. It’s a competitive game, because you are trying to be the first person to reach 60 points. This game is fun,tricky,easy, and hard all at once.  It’s tricky because one choice may look perfect for multiple cards, when in fact each card only has one choice that fits. It’s a playful game because you get to compete with another person. Players control this game since they have all the power. Players get  to make the choices as to how they want to play the game. This game relates in real life because you do need to know your rights in case you do get in trouble with the law. Amendments are created to protect the people. This game relates to society as a whole. This game is  meaningful, because you are learning why having amendments are important. This game is fully functional and gives a lot of details as to why an answer is correct or incorrect. It’s a well developed game.

FA16-Project 10- Week 1

The game I played this week was called Win the White House. This game was fun to play. It was simple and educational at the same time. Interacting with other avatars and having everyone respect each others opinion was interesting.  I enjoyed the fact the other characters were allow to ask questions. I didn’t like the fact the audience members couldn’t say anything. Playing a game online and then reflecting on it was an interesting activity for me. I never have done this before, so for me it was definitely a great experience.The players control the dynamic of the system since they hold all the power. I know some games would be difficult and have multiple obstacles, but I was lucky with this game. It was nice to be able to create a slogan and pick topics that I thought was important. One of the exact questions that were asked was “support your position on a women’s right to choose.” The correct answer would be “A woman’s right to choose should not be limited by the government or religion.” This game was very real and realistic. It took me step by step and showed me what the process is like to become president. It’s not as easy as politicians make it look. You have to constantly debate and try to raise funds for campaigns. It was definitely an eye opener for me.